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August 22, 2006



I found the ISBN number. It was hidden under the price sticker. # 4-8347-2421-2.


What a very pretty dress, you did a wonderful job!


Super Darling! Nice job!


Your daughter will look a picture on her first day at school. I haven't bought any Japanese craft books yet but surely I can't hold out much longer!!


So the alterations...all GOOD!!


i like the french knots - they are hard to learn! (i just did).
japanese craft books rule! i need to laminate mine so it's easier to wipe the drool off...


What a wonderful idea! I absolutely love the dress. You're daughter will look so pretty in it. Your Japanese book is great! I, too, love vintage linens.


I adore the dress! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it because you encompass all the things I like--sewing, thrifting, creativity, and aprons!


The dress is lovely! It looks so nice and I love the linens. I'm embroiderying like mad these days... having bought a new Japanese craft book just the other day. If you ever need some embroidery tips let me know and we'll meet at the food court at Uwijamaya!


I LOVE the dress! It is so sweet and Cerys will looks so cute in it! Love the embroidery - you did a great job and those linens are so sweet. Love that Japanese book too! Great job!

Veronica TM

What a wonderful job you did Selena! I love the colour of the dress also!
Thanks for the ISBN#, the book looks great.


It turned out beautifully!


What a creative way to beautify a thrifted dress!! It turned out darling. I too have a collection of "cutter pieces" waiting to be used and I love this idea- thanks for sharing it!!


really lovely work!! Cerys will be stunning on her first day!! :)


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sweet. I LOVE it !! I miss dressing up my girls. Enjoy it while you can !! Clarice


Wow...that dress is absolutely DARLING! The embroidered collar is very it.


It's absolutely beautiful. And to think you made it yourself. That really is something to be proud of.


I have that exact doiley in the same colours. I bought it from a thrift shop here in Tiny Tassie. Isn't that amazing. I love the Little Red Riding Hood embroidery. So many projects - so little time.

Cindy Young

What a blessed little girl, to have such a sweet dress to wear! I LOVE the extra stuff you did to make it individual. No one else in the world has a dress like this!

Art Tea Life

This is delightful ! my gosh I love it.

You are brilliant.

Love your new book too !

Cant wait to see what other things you are inspired to do by this !


This is adorable. The embroidery and the use of the linens. My first thought when I saw the embroidery was did you design the pattern. Thanks for sharing the book info. Looks like a lot of really fun and interesting designs.

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