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October 19, 2006



I am feeling lucky! And what an amazingly interesting life!
Do try the GF beers (sorghum or sorghum & rice), New Grist is pretty tasty, and Bard's Tales is supposed to be coming to WA soon, and you can get them by mail order. If you want to eat in restaurants take a trip to Portland or NYC, there are several restaurants that have GF menus. Hawthorne/Corbett fish house, mmm. Risotteria pizza, mmm.


I love reading 100 things, and am looking forward to my own. I too spent time living in the UK with my husband, and I pined. It's so good to be home.


I love your list and reading your blog. #52 - working in a cemetary was not helping your complexion made me laugh. I love the story of how you and Dave met. I met my husband on a blind date and it was very nearly love at first sight.


Quite an interesting life you've led! I'm so glad I was your first bloggy friend!! It's been lovely! Loved reading your list - your story of meeting DH is so sweet - it's like a movie! Congratulations on your 100th post!


Thank you for sharing with us. I particularly enjoyed hearing about how you met Dave. Looking forward to reading the next 100 threads. Happy blogging!!


So there is love at first sight? It took me 3 years to recognise that D. were the one.. and I thought I were a quick learner! You've had a pretty interesting life so far :) Jeg håper virkelig att du får ett godt liv fremover. (An attempt at Norwegian..)


Wow! So many things you have done in your life, and so many more I'm sure you will do. I love your diverse job skills, lol!

How funny you were on Kilroy...I used to watch that before we had cable or Sky, maybe I saw you and never knew!

Happy 100th post!!

Erin Orr

I only just discovered your blog, and want to thank you for sharing your life with us. I loved your list, especially the bits about meeting your husband in the elevator. So romantic!


Hi Selena. Since I delurked at Amy's blog I thought I should delurk at yours, too...not that I'm feeling lucky or anything ;o)
I enjoyed reading about your 100 things just as I've enjoyed your blog since I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. Yes...a couple of weeks...forgive me for not coming out of the dark and introducing myself earlier. I don't have a blog of my own but I've certainly entertained the idea so I could get to know you and your blogging friends a little's been fun. I have to admit that I've never thrifted much but you've really got me thinking about it more and more. The other day when I cleaned out my linen closet I found an old apron that someone gave me and immediately thought of you! Is that weird (I hope you don't think so...I mean you don't even know me)
Anyway...thought I'd say 'hi' and if I'm lucky I'll own another apron (did I mention that purple is my favourite colour?)...LOL.
Thanks for the inspiration and creating such a fun blog to amuse me when I should be sleeping...hehe.

The Shopping Sherpa

Happy 100th!


Hi - Just de-lurking to say I really enjoy your blog. I'm an avid thrifter myself and really enjoy reading about your fabulous finds. What a wonderful way you met your husband, I met my partner in similar circumstances. It was the classic case of our eyes meeting across a crowded room and it really was love at first sight (something I thought was a load of rubbish until it happened to me). I live in the UK so enjoy hearing about the time you spent living here (I also spotted the enormous jar of Marmite in your basement larder - sure sign of a Brit in the house). Looking forward to your next 100 posts.


so interesting! I am still getting over the five foot olive...


I enjoyed reading your list! Fascinating! Really love your blog too!


Happy 100th Blog, may there be many, many, more.


congrats, selena!
my younger sister used to be bugged by 'summer magic' simply because there was a brunette, a blonde, and a redhead in the same family.
i think you know what color hair my kids have: one of each! now i feel a little bond with that movie. :)


When I first saw how long this post was, I thought "oooooh no!! I hate reading! Where are all the photos?" but after having read the entire thing, I'm really glad that I did so. Everything was VERY interesting. You lived in the US and had olive and pomegranite tress? That's just fabulous! I've never seen a pomegranite tree before. I feel a close connection to them though, since my magical name is Persephone (and my business name). Also, as soon as I finished reading the post, a faery flew away. I saw her sparkle, that's how I knew she was here.

you're a believer. What is the pronunciation of your daughter's middle name?

I am a faery.


Love it! My coworkers daughter's name is Carys - pronounced the same way but spelled slightly different. I am happy to know so much about you and happy to call you my friend!


It was great reading your 100 things about Selena.
I think we could be related,my grandmother and I used to have tea parties and she would call up the fairies who left little gifts for me. You sparked that great memory for me this morning.
Thanks so much and here's to the next 100 posts by Selena.


How lucky you were to have a pomegranate tree growing up! I absolutely adore pomegranates!


You have lived a fascinating life. But i want more deatails on how you struck up a relationship with a man you met in an elevator! How exciting...

I I lived the GF lifestyle for two years. It was very difficult but the world is getting much easier to be GF in.

Linda Thompson

I sooo get you!
I too dance in the grocery stores when a great song comes on... and my husband loves it! (saw your comment on another blog)
We are blessed!
So fun getting to know you... here's to a hundred more!


You've had an amazing, interesting life.

I must say, though, that it breaks my heart that you are struggling with celiac disease so much. Having my wheat allergy diagnosed was one of the biggest blessings of my life. Not being sick like that anymore is awesome.

We'll have to keep emailing and working on those food issues, 'kay?


What an amazing adventure you have had! Great post~the way you met our dh is the most romantic stories I have ever heard, and to think that it really happened that way amazes me...on an chance!!! Thanks for sharing and being such a friendly blogger-not to mention congratulations on your happy 100th.


WOW, what an interesting life! From Taco Bell to digging graves to thrifting and second hand books, I LOVE IT!

P.S. I love Parent Trap and Pollyanna and my mom loves Trouble With Angels.


Happy 100 Blogs my love. Very proud of you.

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