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October 23, 2006



Absolutely adorable! I LOVE glass glitter!! Count me in on the swap (because, you know, there's always time to do ATCs)!

Chrissie Grace

I'd like to play!
Yours is adorable

Wishing On Clovers


I would LOVE to join the Apron ATC! ^_^


I am not an artist, so I won't play...but I would love to see how people display them. It's a really neat idea. I love to trade as well. I wish we could trade things in real life...piano lessons for a meal...babysitting for help with homework...housecleaning for a bag of garden tomatoes...

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I am adding you to my blog roll if that is ok?


Count me in!!!

Veronica TM

Your ATC is so pretty! I wish I could participate but we are taking a trip soon and I won't be home for a while.


Very pretty. And I've been wondering what ATCs were! Thanks!


I'm in! Woo-HOO!


Thanks for explaining ATC, must admit I have been wondering what all these adorable things were.And what a brilliant idea you get to craft then swap cards like when we were kids.


Hi Selena- I would love to join the swap! This sounds great!

Take care, Jen


i've been loving the trading cards for year, but i've never made one.


big, big fear.

Penny G.

Love the ATC card. Very clever. Could you email me, as I don't have your address with me. Love ya!


Please email me with your details! Can't wait! Thanks!


Sign me up, sister!

cheers - R


i'd love to be in on it, too, if it's not too late! and i never did thank you for the stamped fabric from moki's swap...i LOVE it so! i haven't yet decided what i will do with it, though, other than look at it!!! :)


I would like to join! Thanks,

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