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October 22, 2006



Those miniature prices are amazing!!!!! And the pirate ship is spectacular - what a treasure (is that a pun? no pun intended!!!) Please post pictures of your dollhouse with the goods!


Love those dollhouse pieces!! How cute are they?? I also so love the pirate ship! I've been on the hunt for a Noah's Ark for quite a while. Ship toys are so cool! Great finds as usual!


Love the mirror! So pretty. And the pirate ship--WOW! What kid wouldn't LOVE to have something like that? I think you got it for a song!


Oh wow it sounds like you had such a fabulous day! Those miniatures are awesome as is the mirror and pirate ship. You are my thrifting hero! I stopped in at a second hand store the other day (if you remember I'm not a good thrifter) and thought of you as I looked around. Nothing seemed that interresting to me though so I went home empty handed. But...well, I'm trying...LOL. Mocha ice-cream sounds delicious...mmmm.


Wow, I am in awe, I love it all - what an amazing array of finds. I absolutely love the Pirate Ship and Dock. There are two little boys here that would squeal with excitement if something like that sailed into their shore..

Wishing On Clovers

How neat!! That Pirate ship is awesome, what a great find!


What wonderful finds!! Wow! I found a miniature store in Brussels which was unfortunately closed. Grrrr. Yours are fantastic! Love that pirate ship too. My son is 12 and would STILL love that!!


that pirate ship is an AMAZING find! go you!

jungle dream pagoda

Congrats on your 100th post. I lovethat you had so much success in a graveyard,you must love 6 feet under!Those miniatures are marvy! you just send it out to the universe and it answers with thrifty goodness!


WOW that is an amazing pirate ship find. I wish I was so lucky this weekend. My thrifting was disappointing to say the least. Awesome ship and goodies!

On the doll house note, I have this beautiful one that dh's grandpa built... it needs some repair but it is just so nice. I originally had it in the playroom and kiddos really did a number on it so I moved it and put it in the girl's bay window. It looks lovely but I can't really get to it to decorate the rooms etc. Where do you display yours?


Your mini's are such a great find! The food should still be at the store but those miniature probably won't lastest another day..LOL
And I just read your 100th post, you've sure did and seen a lot, very interesting.


My girls would LOVE that pirate ship! What a find!!!!
I love the thrill of thrifting!


I just came across your blog!!!! Totally awesome stuff too. You'll see my lurking around a lot. :)


that ship and the dock is the coolest...and only $25? incredible!


The pirate ahip is just amazing, you always seem to find the most wonderful things. Would love to see your dolls house craft room sometime.


Here's the link to a photo of my very empty doll house. It is actually a children's Waldorf kind rather than a Victorian style. I have it in my craft room on a high dresser so the children don't have as much access to it. This was my daughters but I found a new one at a rummage sale for $4.00. I bought it for myself but my daughter traded me. It's bigger so I'm quite pleased with the trade.
I don't plan on painting it but I do plan to have lots of handmade rugs and artwork on the walls to give it more color.


WOW! Love that ship! You and the kids were meant to have it. I definately believe in thrifting karma. :) No such thrifting for me this weekend, just reading this post gives me the urge . . .


Shiver me timbers, that ship!! Find of the century, matie! Y'arrrrrrggg!


That ship is amazing! And I love the dress form. What great finds.


That ship is HUGE.

And who needs food when there's itsy-bitsy non-creepy dollhouse toys?


Look at that pirate ship! Can I come over and play?


My jaw dropped open at the site of that pirate ship. what a find! And the price is awesome. My kids would kill and plunder to find such an awesome treasure.

Veronica TM

What a wonderful weekend! I love all your finds, especially the ones for the dollhouse.


What wonderful finds you came across. I never find dollhouse things at the thrift store. The ship and dock are great too and so is the mirror for that matter. I will echo the pun -what treasures- you found!!


Wow what a great pirate find. My younger son is 14 and he would still be green with envy if I showed it to him.
Sounds like you had a terrific weekend. I have a little dressmakers dummy the same as the one you found, it goes with a little treadle sewing machone and a basket with a pair of scissors, some fabric and a pattern. Very sweet.

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