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October 25, 2006



I just love hearing about your life as the contrast to here on our island is so vast. Food here is horrifically expensive but we do have a pretty good choice. Lots of French options too :-) A very kind friend has just sent me a box of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups - absolute heaven. It's 50p an apple in M&S so perhaps yours aren't so expensive after all. Keep on posting!!


what a lovely post - it reminds me of the days I used to run the Pink Food Co-op from our home. we used to hire the village hall for the drop (all of £6!) and split everything just as you described! the worst was when we got a huge tub of honey and everyone wanted different amounts! we only did that once. we got to know the drivers really well and they stayed and joined us for soup and bread. but then our kids grew and people got jobs and no-one wanted to continue... keep it up apron - its lots of fun! now I'll go and read the rest of your lovely blog!


bummer, they don't deliver to my area!
i've been wondering if you know a good place to buy rice flour in bulk.


Good for you sticking to your principles re. organic. Have had the same desires myself, organic, permaculture, self suffiency etc, but, I'm just so weak willed. Also, I know deep down that the self suffiency bit just isn't for me I'm just too lazy!


Ah, self-sufficiency. you and me both, you and me both. I still want to do it with another family, though, to add to the community aspect. The hard part is making it happen at the same time with another family... someday!


I understand the struggle between wanting to buy organic, and the desire or even need to lower a food bill. We have been all over the place on that issue. Right now, I buy healthy foods- but non-organic. We are working hard to have a healthy lifestyle to counteract any crud we get in our diet.

I too have dreams of being able to eat frugally AND day...


My grocery bills have really increased since I've started eating more fruits and veggies and less processed foods. How crazy is that?
I am going to see if my library has this "tightwad gazette" book. I love to save money. I feel like it gives me that much more ability to give it to people who need it!


I got my Azure order yesterday too. You know were I also go is Trader Joes every month in half and stock up !! Clarice


Your post just sang to me! I'd like to do what you're doing with your group too (I about fell off my chair when I read what you're paying for organic chicken feed... I pay close to $25 for the same lb. bag!). Anyhoo... I'm just not organized enough to commit to something like that and I admire you so much! I've read both Tightwad Gazettes (and refer to them all the time). Some really good stuff she has... but some stuff is way over the top for me!

I find TJ's to be my Food Utopia (as well as for cleaning products, OTC's, etc.). My closest TJ's is 90 minutes away (in Vancouver, WA) so I don't always get to buy fresh food there and have to rely on Safeway (though happily their organic selection grows all the time). I just can't beat the price and quality of Trader Joe's! I love, love, love TJ's! I also like Whole Foods... but it's too pricey for me.

I share your dream of being self sustainable! I dream of being a Mary Jane Farmgirl... as long as I can have my fabric stash, my internet and my cable TV!


A friend of mine is interested in starting a food co-op and I am so excited about it! The price of good, fresh, organic food is limiting because we have a large family, so this will be great for us! I also found out that we have a cooperative food garden about 30 miles from us. I missed the season, but next year I am in!

--I really like your frugal living posts--your crafty stuff too!


We very rarley have mcdonalds, as we very rarely have take out food. I have to say though, it doesn't matter how many times I see super size me, the few times in a year that I have mcdonalds I just adore it.... sorry !!!


Hey Selena - Can you send me your email address again. I am trying to email you something and I can't find it in my address book for some reason. :)


I do wish organic food was less expensive--we'd definitely eat more of it! I know that it's a circle--the more people who buy it, the more demand so prices will go down/the fewer people who buy it, the higher prices stay. I've heard that in California the prices have really come down due to the increasing number of organic farmers there. We do buy organic milk for DD and I'd really like to do organic meat--I'm itchy about all the hormones and yucky stuff they feed to those animals. Grocery budget doesn't allow for that yet, though. :(

I see you have the MaryJanes farm link in your sidebar--do you get her magazine? I have a copy of the summer issue that I'd love to send you if you don't already have it!


Holy cow! An $18 electric bill...I would love that! We are more purposeful in our spending too partly because of finances, but mostly because I feel its pretty wasteful to keep our house at 82 degrees and eat out everynight. Bless you and thanks for the links.


Hey.... I just wanted to let you know that you won the goodie bag from my site. please contact me with your adres so I can send it to you! ( thanks so much for reading my blog!


It's easy to get caught up in the self sufficiency craze. I did a lot of canning this summer and if you can't grow enough of your own you can find farms that let you pick your own for a cheaper price. I was getting tomatoes for 35 cents a pound!

Growing your own vegatables is a lot less work than people always think. Yet being self sufficient really is a full time job. I figure if you keep aiming towards it you will make a big impact in your life.

I think it's a fun goal to work towards.


how about making your own pb cups? nigella lawson gives a great one in her book domestic goddess...and i use almond and cashew butters instead and it is just as good and cheaper than newmans and so easy to make but really dangerous to keep in the house...

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