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October 18, 2006


Jenny Holiday

Ooohh!! Lovely!! What fun!! It came out sooo great!! Thanks so much for sharing!! How fun it will be to hang this banner year after year!!

Happy Fall!!
xoxo Jenny!

Lacey Mesarchik

I am sorry to see this link posted on your blog happy home-maker. Your website made it appear that you were grounded in your Christian faith, but yet you are celebrating Halloween? Our family does not celebrate Halloween. Witches, skulls, ect. is definantly not godly. I hope that you will consider with your family whether or not this is a "holiday" you should participate it. We celebrate Autumn and Harvest by focussing on God, and the blessings he has given us, which is much more worthwhile than to celebrate evil.



This is so cute! Thanks for sharing.


I LOVE this! What a wonderful addition to your Halloween decorating. Your fabric choices are fabulous.


Great job. I saved your directions so I can give it a try sometime. Thanks for taking the time to post them.


Oh. My. Gosh. This is awsome!!!! Thanks so much for sending the link.


I think I may have to make one, it is super cute:) You refered to the sebastopol Flea, is that Sebastopol CA? I grew up in Santa rosa and lived in sebastopol three different times in my life:)


I stumbled onto your blog while looking at banners - this is one of the cutest I've seen for fall! :)


I'm here via Cathe! Your banner is fantastic! I'm going to throw out an idea I'm thinking when I see how you did this---how about using fabric stabilizer it's kind of like interfacing instead of the paper? I think it would go faster, however you would have raw edges which some might not like. I kind of like them myself. Just thought I'd share my thoughts and thank you for this idea!!

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