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October 24, 2006


Jerri Wood

Love the Halloween Fariy, we have a Valentine Bandit. From the 1`st to Valentines day ( 14 days) he leaves treats each morning. Maybe a Valentine pencil, note pad, inexpensive items. My grandson does not like candy, but I wanted to make it special anyway. And on the 14th we have Movie day. The bandit leaves a movie and we all pop corn and watch. Last year he hung paper hearts on string in the door way. I will have to try the Halloween fariy . Thanks for the idea.


Oh what a great idea! I think it is perfect for my three year old. I also like the idea for the valentine fairy! I think kids worlds need to be as magical as they can while they still believe!


what a wonderful tradition to start :)


Selena, I absolutely love the idea of the Halloween Fairy! If we ever have kids I would love to start this tradition. What a great idea and how fun to look for something more than just trick or treating and candy! I also wanted to mention that I absolutely love the ship that you found while thrifting. My husband would love it!


Halloween Fairy! Brilliant!


Cute idea! I am of the age where we all waited for the Great Pumpkin with Charlie Brown...

What do you give out to Trick or Treaters? I usually try for some non-candy item, Halloween pencils, plastic spiders, one year I got wooden ghost cutouts and made necklaces. Little kids especially seem to like them.


The Halloween Fairy is a GREAT idea! We are going to do that this year. I struggle with the same thing. I don't want to be the mean Mom and deny my kids a fun Halloween with treats, but I believe in healthy food and don't want them to overload on junk. I also struggle at Christmas and B-Day time. My girls have so many toys and they receive so many during the holidays. How do I teach them about simplicity and living without A LOT of material things? How do I convince them that donating some of the new toys they've received would make another, less fortunate child happy and in turn make them happy too? How do I kindley tell friends and family that my children don't need all this stuff, that taking them to the zoo or spening time with them is just as fun (if not more fun ) then a big plastic toy?


Selena whata brilliant way to handle the candy/sugar issue. Clarice


What a good idea.


Oh I absolutely love this idea! There are so many possibilities for adding on to that tradition, too.

I admire your efforts to provide your children with healthy alternatives to today's fast-food style. I hope to attempt the same as E gets older.


What a great idea. I wish I would have thought of something like that when my kids were young. Yours are adorable. I love to see all the little ones in their costumes. So much fun.


We've also been doing the Halloween Fairy for quite some time. :) Nice to see you do it too!


Great idea. We don't have the problem here though as trick or treat doesn't happen in Australia.


What a great idea!


I'm telling you, you are making me a better parent and I don't even have kids yet. I am SO doing the Halloween fairy one day!

Tracy's Turret

That is a really good idea! I get a little tired of being constantly asked for candy in the days/weeks after Halloween. This is a great way of dealing with all that excess sugar!


The Halloween Fairy? What an absolutely brilliant idea! I wish I'd thought of that when my children were young. Thank heavens we lived in the country and houses were few and far between. They picked up on a tradition that my sister started as a youngster...she'd see how much of her candy she could still have by Christmas and it became a real fun competition that spread out the candy consumption over a few months.

jungle dream pagoda

We do a variation on that ,with The Great Pumpkin,visiting while my husband takes the trick or treating. When they get home they get to pick out several pieces to keep,knowing that after that selection they can see what TGP has brought .The rest of the candy goes to work with Dad in the morn.Love those cute costumes ,love pics of little ones in Halloween attire!


The Halloween Fairy, The Great Pumpkin--what a clever idea! I am definitely going to have to remember that one when Maren is big enough to go Trick-or-Treating!

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