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October 31, 2006



Thats really sweet. I love your description of what sounds like a really sweet time together. The costumes are really sweet. We had a great night out trick or treating too- Once around the block and they both thought it was great fun.

daisy cottage

You are too cute! Great costumes and pics!


Oh, color Jack and I jealous! I searched high and low, every thrift store I know, looking for a "tez tez" costume for Jack, with no luck. The children are beautiful!


You all look adorable! I love the 40's dress and hat.


Even better -- recycled homemade costumes. LOVE that! And I think your hat is super cute. If I went dressed for halloween, I'd certainly love to be gingerbread. Or a bagel. Or sourdough... love my carbs!


Super cute photos of all of you. We had one set of kids and that was it. My own kidlet came home for the evening and it was a wonderful evening. Missed you, I'm glad to be home!

Tracy's Turret

Great pictures--glad you all had fun! I like the 40s look, may have to do that myself one of these years. I posted pictures too if you want to stop by and have a look!


I was amazed and thrilled that we saw so many homemade costumes last night. My grandson's was a thrifted ghost costume that we had to shorten and fix a bit. I honestly think we saw more homemade than not and there was something so old-fashioned about the whole atmosphere. You look positively dashing in your dress and hat and the kids are precious!


The kids are too cute! Love the '40's outfit - I think I would have loved to have lived back then - great clothes and they got to wear hats!! Sounds like a fun time - we had a great Halloween too!


Glad you had such a great time.

Veronica TM

I am so glad you and your little ones had a good Halloween. The gingerbread girl and the tinkywinky teletubbie look adorable!!
I love your photo, you look great!


love that hat! you all look adorable!


They (and you) are adorable!


I love the gingerbread costume. Very cute. I really like the self-portrait. Not sure what the table is that you're at but the strip of your reflection it captured adds another level of complexity. Definitely experiment with that some more, it could make for some very interesting self-portraits.


You look so great, & your getting so brave with those person photos here...I have to get a decent one for my bog but thats the problem-im too critical of myself-there are no good pictures! Looks like a great time!


Haha this blog rocks! Thank you for keeping me entertained for an afternoon. I like how it's personal but sweet (even when it's talking about quite dark things) and gentle.

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