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October 30, 2006



That video ROCKS!!!!!


I was beating myself up for not making the popcorn balls I swore I was gonna make this year last night (we have a new has gone nuts for a while), but you made me feel better. No, we just can't do all we planned, and we can't say no to things as much as we want or need to. You're not alone in that.

Take care and have a very happy Halloween. Your daughter is gorgeous in purple!


I usually try and visit the blogs of the people who visit my own blog and leave a comment there. I figure that is the least I can do in the world of trying to keep in touch! (And do use bloglines, if you don't already.)


"time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future"

that is so my theme song. my list of things i want to accomplish are so long, ten people likely couldn't complete it all in the time line i set out for myself. i wish i could freeze time, freeze the children from growing up so stinking quickly.

i'm trying to enjoy as much of it as i can, and try not to beat myself up over what i don't accomplish.

it's a fine line of balance.


I have been feeling the same way for a couple of months now. NO time, no time, I'm late... I have just taken myself out of the handmade Christmas ornament swap because it was stressing me out. I guess we need to pick our pleasures and try not to let everything else rent so much space in our heads. Hope things get better for you my dear.
The kids were adorable in their costumes last year!


WOW, I can't believe I won :D. Goodie! I hear you about the time zipping away....

Stephanie Ganger

I felt much the same especially when I had younger children. Now that my children are 8 and 10 I seem to have a bit more time for myself to accomplish things. Then we start that after school to bedtime routines and WHOOSH there went the whole evening.

To keep myself in perspective I am really firm about saying No to things. I also try to take an hour on Saturday or Sunday and review the past week to see if I could have made any changes so I felt like I enjoyed my time more.


Oh yes, I feel the same way. And Thanksgiving is on the way quickly followed by Christmas and then Im really gonna feel it. Its that time of year I guess. I promise to say no more if you do!?!?!?!


Time where does it go? My eldest has just turned 17 in a blink of the eye so it seems. I remember only last year I couldn't find him in Virgin Megastore because I was looking for someone much smaller!


Even Oprah said that it took her a long time to learn to say, "NO," and mean it. My friend (since high school) said that she's learning to say no without feeling as though she has to explain why to anyone and to let go of the guilty feelings when she can't do something that's asked of her if her plate is already full. Trying to help others, prepare for holidays with all of the trimmings and look after a household at the same time, seems to be a mothering trait. But...sometimes, enough is enough and we must learn to pace ourselves. You are not alone in feeling that time is slipping through your fingers all too quickly!


I'm laughing over the note I wrote you before catching up on your blog. Looks like we're reading from the same script. Responding to comments becomes a very difficult task once you reach a critical mass. Before I got to that point I visited all the blogs that commented on mine and tried to comment in return. At a certain point that isn't viable from a time standpoint. I then started reponding via e-mail, much faster than blog surfing. This approach works if you're on the computer a lot, once I get behind (like a week or two or five) it's like fighting a losing battle. I've noticed that some of the bloggers that get tons of comments per post seem to respond to me every now and then. I always appreciate when I get one of those responses because I know it's got to be overwhelming on their end. I've sort of adopted that approach, respond when I can and try to not feel too guilty when I do a reset (delete all the unanswered e-mail and start again). I always answer questions no matter what, but I'm with you on generally trading e-mail with folks. It's fun, there's just not always enough time to do it.

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