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October 16, 2006



What a lovely bunch of goodies.


Oh I love everything you got!! Just love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and yes my vintage little painting I did was watercolor. Oh please, please I would love to be in on your swap!


Amazing swap goodies!! That package from Donna is great! I have her for another swap - any hints?? Love the tea towels!! Those are really beautiful - especially the one she made! I'm in on the apron ATC's - I think those are my new favorite things to make!


What lovely things you got. I always loved Mary Poppins (the film) as a child but it wasn't until I had children of my own that I actually read PL Travers books. You and the children will love them.


Oh yes, swap stress, I know it well. Trying to get a couple of things togethere here and procrastinating as usual!


i get swap stress, for sure! I'm addicted to them too, and I said that when i finish the ones that I had signed up for on craftster over the summer, i would take a break. but now i'm in three more - the Holiday Elves swap from Green Bean Baby, the Coloriffic Swap, and the Favourite faerytale swap. *sigh* what am I doing?? This is a problem!

Your swap items received are beautiful!!! Where is it that you typically sign up?

Thanks for your input on the quilt made of denim that i'm putting together :)


I'd love to see a pic of your vintage towel rack. I'm trying to figure out how to display my vintage linens in a nice way.
Great swaps - try not to stress ;).


Oh yes - I can relate to swap stress - I love to find the perfect items for my partners too..all the while signing up for more swaps:) I think I am signed up for about 8 swaps right now:):) But it is SO fun!! I would love to do an Apron ATC swap if you organize one. I am still waiting for my vintage book swap and my tea towel swaps to arrive - one is coming from Australia and one from Canada I think and that makes it all the mor exciting:) Have a fabulous day! I get to go to work late today and just may hit Goodwill on the way in:)

Tracy's Turret

neat stuff! Has the mail truck delivered your etsy purchase yet????


i am picking my mouth up off the floor. that mary poppins book is to.die.for.
i am a huge mary poppins fan (like her, i am practically perfect in every way...BWAHAHAHAHAA).

what an amazing package.

oh and i'm right there with ya on the swap stress. if i get a partner that i really don't "know" then i stalk their blog like crazy. every piece has to be important to them and has to be something they like. of course this all means that the package is late and i feel like an ass.

{sigh} but i still sign up for them anyway. oh, i'll send ya an email when i do round 2 of my vintage vixen swap. my first one was such a success. i got spoiled rotten (this of course was not why it was a success) i had the best partner ever!!!! everyone had a blast.


How do you make an ATC? I'm such a swap NEWBIE. :) It sounds like fun so count me in! (Love how I signed up with no clue what I'm supposed to do)


Oh you got it at last, I'm soooo pleased (wish we had global priority here). I stressed so much about this swap you wouldn't believe. I read and re-read your blog, had three different books lined up and then it all clicked into place. I thought your dh might snaffle the chocolate buttons actually. My sister lives in Colorado and she misses Cadbury's chocolate so much, hehehe.


Oh my gosh. The wrapping and thoughtfulness in the first pacakge is AWESOME. The yellow gingham tea towel in the second -- I just can't believe all the work she put into that. It is so pretty! Did she applique the red cardinal? WOW. What a great, great day to make a sprint to the mail box.


Wow Donna & Jen outdid themselves!!!!!!!!!!!


Wait...what's an ATC? You received some wonderful gifts. I also get swap stress because I want my gifts to be just perfect...and that is why I spend hours reading every last word of your blog! I have the gift formulating in my mind for the recipient, and then I can think of nothing else until it's just right! I have been influenced by the Rachel Ashwell Gifts book. Have you seen it?

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