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October 10, 2006



I most certainly believe in the power of lists and see it as a written form to put the energy out there into the universe. This came about years ago after I'd read Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization. I've been known to stick post-its on the fridge and bathroom mirror as affirmations. In 2000, when I went through a horrendous year, losing man, 17-year old Border Terrier, had my car burst into flames, sold house and cottage, retired from teaching early and left Ontario for the west coast, I visualized living by the ocean and had notes that read, "I love my little cottage by the sea." Well, I'm in that little crooked cottage across the road from the sea, live a short distance from my fabulous sister, my three wonderful children and little grandson, adopted a crazy Jack Russell and an orange cat and would go through it all again to have what I'm so truly grateful for now. Yes, I believe!


I'm waving back at you and Kieran. What a sweet picture and an awesome post. What a wonderful thing to look back and see your dreams come to fruition. As Barb said, I have also read and studied Creative Visualization a little bit. I have made "treasure maps" in my life for how I see things going in the future. A big one was our move back to Oregon from Wyoming two years ago. We talked and planned and dreamed until everything fell together. We ended up moving a full 6 months before our scheduled time. Riff's job came first-he had cut an add from a surveyors magazine out about this company two years before we were ready to move and had it pinned to his bulletin board. We were making plans for our "research trip" (very similar to yours!) the year before the move, Riff called the company to see if they would mind if he stopped by to visit. They agreed, decided to interview him on the spot and hired him right away. Our little cottage fell right into place and was the easiest move we have ever made.
Absolutely those lists and dreams and affirmations work!


Thanks for sharing your dreams and pictures. I really enjoy reading about you and your family, and exploring the ideas that you share.


I think it's wonderful that you have achieved so many of your dreams! I make lists off and on ~ I think they help me to really think about what I want and how to get there. I think without goals and dreams, we could just end up sort of sleepwalking through life. I would like to work on journaling more and letting that guide me. That can be first on my new list!! Love the sweet picture of you and Keiran!

Daisy Cottage

I love your blog and this post ~ I am a believer in the power of dream lists too and think it is wonderful that you have accomplished so many on yours! We moved into our dream home a year ago and that had been top on our list for years and years. I now live right by my sister too, another dream come true!
Thanks for sharing and feel free to visit my blog when you get the chance!


I have never made a list yet, but I think mine would look a lot like yours. Like Barb & Paula, I read Creative Visualization and other similar books, as a teenager when my parents went through their 'enlightenment' period. Sadly, in my transition to adulthood, I lost a lot of those active wishing skills among the stress of keeping my life together. Your post has given me some good food for thought, thank you!


Oh, Selena, I SO needed to read this today- I think sometimes people roll their eyes when I talk about reading blogs, but this post is a perfect example of why I read them! I'm in Baltimore, and I often feel the same way about baby wearing, etc. Ok, I'm going to email you rather than fill up your comments section! ;)


We too kept moving, searching for our dream home. We wanted acres, bush, creek and it had to be within driving distance from our jobs. We found it, burried under truckloads of junk that the guy had collected. The house was so dirty you couldn't tell the wall colour. We bought it for a song, worked like dogs, and now twenty years later, we have the most beautiful place for miles around.


I really like this post. It reminds me that I need to make a new list. I guess I'm kinda sorta a list maker. I can go back and find notes that I've written myself from years ago. It always amazes me what I've written. So often I'll have written something that ends up being pertinent today, an idea that I think is totally new to me until I discover that I wrote about it 10 years earlier. Incidents like that make me realize that I know myself better then I think, or perhaps I just have a bad memory!


Such a wonderful post! I can't tell you how nice it is to read your site and to be inspired by someone who is so down to earth. I truly enjoy it.
A few things on my list (I've got a "to do in the next 10 years thing...)
1. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
2. See the pyramids in Egypt
3. Get married
4. Have a kid
5. Get my book published

We'll see!


The number one thing on my list right now is to somehow find a "village" that our family can relate to. I feel just terrible that our families (both mine and my husbands) want nothing to do with our sweet little boy. We still live in the kind of town where a baby sling is a novelty, and we really need to find other kind, loving, supportive people to surround ourselves with. Now, if I only knew how to do that...


That was really inspiering. Is wonderful to read about how much you have achieved :) I think I am going to do such a list as well. First thing tomorrow probably. Or the day after, or at least this weekend.. nah, just kidding, tomorrow it is! Now it's nightienight, almost midnight here.


The picture of you and Keiran is so serene. It is a picture of peace. There is definitely something to be said about listmaking. I go back and forth with my loyalty to them. Over the last few months I went through a very difficult time and list making kept my sanity. I have a stenograph notebook that although is just a couple of months old its about falling apart because I wrote things down constantly, sometimes what I needed to do hour by hour. Anyway, my lists kept me focused and it felt sooo good to cross something off as I forged ahead in the tasks I had to undertake to get my life back together. My next life dream list. Thanks for such an interesting blog.


What a fabulous list. I can't believe how closely aligned yours is to mine. I could cut and paste several items to it.

did you attend waldorf? i would like my children to. I've actually been encouraged to become a waldorf teacher. Mind you, i've never been to a waldorf school, or have had children, so... who knows.


First of all I can't believe you mentioned Wonder Woman. I just had a dream about that tv show the other night, how weird is that? I loved that show. Also, I posted a similar list on my blog a few days ago. It was fun to do, and I actually had to think really hard about it. My focuses in life have changed a bit. Thanks for sharing yours!



thanks for those book links, just what i was looking for and so nice to hear that i am not the only person who keeps moving looking for a place that just feels right with like minded people. i sometimes feel that i need to just be happy where i am and stop you've reminded me that i NEED to keep looking even if it takes lots of time and money! thanks!!!


oh and how was Pt T?? I'm hopeing to get up there for has been three years and that is too long to be away from those fabulous beaches! have you been to glass beach there??

Veronica TM

What a great list! And I have to congratulate you on making so many of the dreams come true! I was having goosebumps when reading your post. Thank you for inspiring me to finally write that list, I have planned to do it and never have {maybe because I am not sure about some things, i.e. where I want to settle and call home}.
Have a wonderful day, Selena! Oh, and I love that photo!


This post really is an inspiring one. You are doing great on your list and now I am going to make me one. Thanks for the great advice.


Thank you so much for sharing these inspiring words :) I am finally starting to come to a place where I feel safe stretching my imagination and creating some dreams-come-true for myself. I think I will have to start my own list over the next few days.


This was great. It is great to look back at life and realize that it was all making sense. I think wish lists let us look forward and and back and appreciate the fullness of life.


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