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October 26, 2006



The board is a great idea and Amy's doll is indeed amazing!

Sorry to hear about the other icky stuff :(


I know it doesn't make it any better, but we all have days where absolutely nothing seems to go smoothly and our energy drains away by noon. I'm hoping you have a fabulous tomorrow, to make up for the gremlins that were lurking behind every corner today.


oh deary deary me! those days are awful - but now it is in the PAST and you can have some Good Ones! I really admire your commitment to swaps - I just don't begin as I know I would get stressed out trying to make something as lovely as the other person would send - but it means i miss out on the packages like that amazing doll!
do a fun thing today!
take care


Some days are certainly challenging, to say the least. However, your beautiful refurbished bulletin board and new doll were wonderful things to bring back the glories to be found in a day.


I just wanted to tell how much I love your blog ! Even on days that just wont behave,know that your gift for sharing your life with us is so needed. on my days like that you cheer me up!


love the idea on being swap organized. since i have just signed up for two...scratch that three...and need to sign up for the vintage christmas swap, i will be pretty frazzled. i try to keep a calendar, but i am bad about calendars.

sorry about the crappy day. i hate days with wonderful expections only to be let down.

hope today is better :)

oh and i hope the pc is fixed very soon. i can't live without the puter or the printer so i can feel your pain.


WOW. That doll is art. She is fantastic! I love the embroidered face and the detail.
Also, the glimpses of your house are so fun. The fabric you used to cover that board is too pretty.


Selena-here's a ((((hug))))). Somedays just go like the day you had and the good news is that it will get better. I'm glad you had some moments of inspiration and cute momento to remind you of why you do what you do. Maybe just take the plunge and buy a new printer (you can probably take the deduction on your taxes since it's business related). Ihad to do that recently...only I had to buy a new printer and computer when I had the fire....mine had too much smoke damage to live long after it. I did manage to save my pictures thankfully before it totally died. Thank goodness for small victories in life!

Love your swap board, it's a great idea and very useful, too. I always feel better when I know where I'm going and how I'm going to get there.



Chin up girlie! Tomorrow will be has to right? Cant wait to see your new site. And Im behind on a few swaps too...and youre one of the ones on my list.


I love your swap board - I just have a plain old manila folder but your board is such a great idea!!


You know what might be nice for the Swap board banner...
Make little triangle shaped flags in a green, to match the green in the board fabric. Put one triangle behind each letter of the word SWAP. Does this make sense?


Sorry to hear that day was so stressful but at least you got a cool bulletin board made.

I like my routine also. I am a slow mover except when I want to get things out of the way, like errands. I can spend 3 or 4 hours in a GoodWill, but errands, YUK!!!!! I love to be home doing things. I am not as crafty as you, but I plan on trying some new things while my hubby is in Iraq. I want to learn to sew, possible quilt, and maybe knit something. I think I can do all this in a year and hubby is all for it. How did you learn to do all these things? The stuff you make is beautiful.


i love your swap board idea. what a grand creation! i also adore your blog name "apron thrift girl". i would love to send you a vintage apron or two from my collection if you'd like to swap sometime with this Canadian girl.


I love that doll! You scored!


Hello, what a nice doll. And what a great way to make you realise thera are more important things than a printer...Well, I don't no the story about the printer, but I quess you had some problems with that thing? I also like the board. Nice idea!



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