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October 27, 2006



I can't help you on the Mac front, we had one years ago, and I hated it. I really just wanted to pop in and say that I am always amazed at what a good shopper my little boy is too! He rarely ever complains about my thrifting habit, and I love how he is starting to spot his own "treasures."


i have a mac and love it - i've used windows, linux and apples - i like apples and linux the best. you will probably think a mac is easier to use. check out the mac mini's - they're less expensive, have everything you (probably) need, and take up a fraction of the space that other do. we got ours directly from apple - they sometimes even have them at costco.
you are gonna LOVE iPhoto!


We have the Little House, love it! The photo on my blog of my dad copying recipes is of him copying the corn dodgers recipe on page 23. Im trying the green tomato pie this weekend. Ill let you know how it turns out. Sure wish one of my 4 year olds was as good a shopper as yours. Cheers!


Ah...a day thrifting! There's nothing like it to make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning or a female pirate in search of's the fun part of it that counts, it's cheap entertainment and like you, I usually end up getting things for either the cottage or family members (even though it's only pennies, I sometimes have to rationalize spending them in the first place, so this is the way to go).


I'm a Mac girl all the way. I think that once you get the hang of it (it isn't hard, just different) you'll be so happy you made the switch. iPhoto alone will change your life!


I am a huge mac lover. In fact, I have two, I love them so much. I have an old G4 workhorse and last year we bought one of those new (new then) MAC minis. Its been great-and it is the size of a sandwich! It was around $500 or $600 and then we got a monitor for a bit more. It feels like a steal because it is packed with power (compared to my G4) and does everything I need and it was a great deal. Very easy to set up and very easy to use. The OSX operating system it comes with will feel a bit more like a standard pc than the old mac operating systems. Once you go MAC, you'll never go back! They are such reliable hard working machines. We are going to a senior center rummage sale tommorow and I have to say I am pretty excited because it has been so very long since any decent thrifting around here. Just too busy. I did do some pretty good yarn retail therapy the other day and that was nice. Expensive but nice!


Gosh what a ghastly day you had yesterday. A couple of weeks ago we were forced to buy a new computer (although I still believe the old one could have been fixed - I know some chance.) Anyway, life, computer type life that is, has been blissfully easy since,even if the finances haven't! I know a couple of people who have Macs and they seem to think there the next best thing to sliced bread. Anyway good luck with the purchase.


ahhh! You've posted a LOT since I was here last. you always find such neat things on your thrifting trips. i am in awe!


Hubby and I both have mac laptops and then two macs that stay at home -- one for us, one for the kids. I think you'll love it. Best of luck!


You are a thrifting wonder! I wish I had luck like you, but I just go occasionally. So TOTALLY jealous of the books you got! I had never heard of Virginia I want all of her books. First you hook me on Vienna Teng and now this!

Have a great weekend!!


Good luck with your computer adventures- I didn't want to ask yesterday, but are we still planning to do the apron ATCs? I have a crazy couple of weeks coming up, so I wanted to get them out this week if we're still doing it. ;)



My hubby is a Mac boy too....though I'm a PC girl and refuse to make the switch:):) I am in need of some Thirft Therapy too...definitely lifts the spirits:):) I love that Bremerton has completely revitalized itself - for about 20 years it was not a cool place to go to at all. I've spent many hours in the St. Vincent's ther too:):)


OOHH - and I forgot to tell you the Little House on the Prairie cookbook looks awesome! I am an Ingalls FREAK! If anyone sees that again or has an extra one, I would love to buy it:):)


I totally have that Little House cookbook. I was totally obsessed growing up. As a homeschooled child I read every book and got the cookbook for christmas when I was like 8 or something. I even took Little House classes that this lady taught and we took turns dressing up like Laura Ingalls and dipped candles. On christmas we had a party and all brought something. I made the green pumpkin pie from that cookbook and it was pretty goo.
Wow I sound like a total dork. I don't dress up like Laura Ingalls anymore I swear


Do the switch! I switched about two years ago, and now I'm on my second Mac. It will change your life! Like going from a Yugo to a BMW... a Black & Decker to a Rowenta... a crop duster to a 747! Last year I bought my second one at The Apple Store and asked the sales staff to see their (hush, hushed) refurbished models. Long story short... my iMac was the one they had on display in the window and I saved over $500.00! It's new, mint and they even added upgrades.

When I got my iMac, I then sold my mini on ebay and got exactly what I paid for it! Talk about a good investment!

I thought the switching would be hard to do... but it was easy. Really, really, easy. Life is grand on a Mac. I'm just waiting for Apple to make an "iPhone" and my life will be complete!

Tracy's Turret

Very cute decorations! I used to have a Little House Cookbook--I miss it! Maybe it's over at my mom's somewhere, I'm going to have to go over there and do some snooping :)


I'm glad you posted the computer question because I want to get a MAC possibly and don't know much about them. I want the laptop. They are so awesome.

Enjoy the Little House cookbook. I love the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.


Ok girl how come I cant keep up with all your posts?? Wow those groceries look amazing! Glad to hear your feeling better today, I just had my "calgon take me away day not to long ago. Its really frustrating when you know what you need to feel better & you cant get there or have it!

Linda Thompson

We love our Macs... and buy refurbished all the time!
You can't beat it! Macs are soooo easy!
Have FUN!

Leigh Ann

I love hearing about mommas and their boys. Mine is a great shopper, too. He's only two and half. I can't wait 'til he is four! He'll be that much more fun to take out. He and I had a wonderful thrift adventure Friday. We bought a bunch of Christmas presents. Yippee!


is that "the Duchess Bakes a Cake" - if not, then there is another book about the Duchess and her cake that we had as children and I always adored the story and the illustrations.
What a great find!


Just looking at your blog for the first time and loving it :) My husband switched to a Mac a couple months ago and absolutely loves it! It has so many great features too for "creative" stuff like photos, slideshows, video etc.

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