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November 14, 2006



Keiran's banner is wonderful. I'd never heard of the Stetson Marcrest pattern and until I scrolled down a wee bit more, I was fully expecting to see a mug with a cowboy theme to it! Glad to hear that things are getting back to've had quite the go of it the last little while.


My husband just started watching The Office this year. He laughs until he cries, too. I laugh just hearing him laugh!


Hi Selena, sounds like everything is returning to normal. I'm always in awe of everything you manage to get done, I'd still be looking at all those books! Loved the coat post, aren't coats brilliant you can just sling one on and smarten yourself up instantly - at least that's what I tell myself.
I'm planning on making gifts this year but am getting cold feet about whether or not anyone will actually like them. I think your banners are brilliant and am sure they will go down a storm.
Would you please include me in your email group, as I've mentioned before I have been thrifting to sell just haven't managed to part with anything yet. Maybe this will give me the kick I need. Thanks.

Carrie Sommer

I love that banner! So sweet!


sounds like your day was pure bliss! love the banner.

and i totally skipped the sentences about the office. after i am done watching the second season of veronica mars on dvd from netflix, i'll be watching the second season of the office. i love, love, love that show.

glad to hear that everything is returning to normal on your end.

happy wednesday!


Glad everyone is feeling better, including you. Veronica was amazing, what did you think? With the previews from last week I was afraid of what was going to happen but phew, thankfully Logan (yum) saved her. Wow, he looked amazing this week, he has that little sad puppy look down, that melts my heart every time. LOVE LOGAN.. oh sorry, I digress.
Hope your week is stress free!

Erin O.

Selena, can I ask where you sign up for all these swaps? I'd love to take part in a few.


That banner is darling! I love letters and names and words used in decorating. :) I have loads of gifts to make and only 40 days to go. Why don't I start earlier??


The Office cracks me up!!!!


I think The Office just may be the funniest show that has ever been on TV. My husband & I routinely crack up watching it -- seriously.


I love the banner! I'm hoping to start on making gifts this weekend. I love watching "The Office" with my husband. It is hilarious!

Teresa  Sheeley

I love the office!!! I am so glad that Jim will be coming back, and I love Michael! Anyhoo, I have a I guess it is a little cream pitcher of that same pattern. If you are interested in it, just let me know. I got it at a Goodwill in Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast for 99 cents. I bought it because I liked the colors, but if you need it for your collection I would love to pass it on to you!


would you consider a little tutorial on the banners...i thought you had done one already but i can't seem to find it anywhere in here.


Ya know, whenever I'm out thrifting I always look over the dishes with your little trees in the back of my mind. :)

I'd share my vintage children's book needs with ya, but you're way too savvy a seller for me. ;-) I can never find deals on the books I want since I get all giddy where children's books and dolls cross paths. Apparently I'm not the only one.

I must be completely humor impaired lol! I can't sit through The Office without saying "that's not funny" every 3 and a half seconds.


The banner is wonderful! We love The Office - it is by far the funniest show on television!! My husband and I laugh hysterically every time we watch it:):)


Wanted to let you know I just picked up a whole box of Stetson Marcrest at our local Goodwill this week. Are you looking for any particular pieces? I would be glad to put some in the mail to you. I know I have saucers and plates, maybe another piece or two.


YUM that pomegranate looks good! How do you pronounce it???? LOL I've never tried it...


I just wandered onto your blog and had fun looking around! I grew up eating on this set of dishes! I think it was one of those things where you got different pieces each week at the gas station. I'm not that old, only 40, but this is from my early childhood.

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