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February 20, 2007


Carrie Sommer

What complete scores! I can't believe you have found Cath at Goodwill! Lucky, lucky you!

Linda Thompson

Wow! I can't believe your finds!!!
And thanks for the head-up... I will for sure be on the look out for Cath Kidston treasures!!
I am thinking the make-up bag is oil cloth!
And how much do we love oil cloth???!! I have been obsessed with anything oil cloth since I found HER site!!!
Thanks for sharing!!


::whimpering:: will you be my mentor? i swear, we do not find stuff this awesome in kansas.


Hey Kansas, try Utah, most of what people thrift should be majorly junked instead. Wow! What a find. I adore Cath Kidston, but you know that she has a site that sells direct to the US and that it often has good sales.


I can't believe my eyes! Those pillowcases! I wanted that line so badly when it was at Ikea/always out of stock and then sure do find some great things. Those boots a little while back were incredible!

Teresa Sheeley

You are always so lucky at your thrifting trips!! And your hubby, what a guy!


I imagine it would be a VERY fun (and exhausting!) day of thrifting with you and Mary....Maybe someday we Seattle gals can organize one big thrift-o-rama?!


Count me as another Cath Kidston fan. Love her prints!


Oh, I had some of that lovely Ikea fabric and used it all up. I wish her things were more accessible here in the US.


oooh, don't you love it when you find things you adore when thrifting? SO GREAT!
I hope you are doing well. I've missed you around here!

joyce vance

*sigh* i love cath kidston. i am drooling ;-)


I love your blogg I hope you don't mind I added it to my list of favorites.


You are one lucky girl! Look what your husband brought you back!! I may have to check out this store when I go to England in April :)


If you ever want me to send you stuff over - let me know, I have so much Cath in my house my Fiance says he might as well live in her shop!!!
Honestly, have a look at her online, and if you like I can send it to you,its no problem.
Caroline xxx


hee hee. I TOTALLY wanted that duvet! I was so focused on the duvet, that I didn't even consider the cart belonged to someone. My husband had to hold me back!

That was a great find, Selena. :)


Wonderful post! I had no idea that Cath Kidston had designed that line for IKEA. Last spring, several Marshall's here in San Diego carried Cath Kidston mugs and teapots! You've inspired me to go back to thrift stores, I'm hooked now.


Who would have thought that Cath Kidston would show up at Goodwill. If thrift store prizes were given out, you'd be in the running for first place with those finds. Another CK aficionado is Jane who lives in Devon. Her blog is and you might want to take a peek at what she has gathered in over time.

Susan Tuttle

Oh Wow--what stupendous finds!!! I'd love to see a pic of the vintage suitcase--you lucky duck!



Adore Cath Kidston and I loved that Rosalie line she did for ikea. I have one of those blinds too, same checks as yours but pale blue and dots on the other side.
I have a ton of the fabric she did for ikea, it is so gorgeous.


if you can get a picture of the kitchen curtains, I would be forever endebted to you! iwant to put something in my kitchen but i'm just not sure what it will look like.... pretty please?


Love that Ikea line of bed linens. I would love to run across some on a thrifty trip. Hmmm someone mentioned a Seattle thrift trip. That would be huge fun!


I can't believe you found CK anything at goodwill, I've never been so lucky. I really like her prints and, although it would be too much for my husband to really deck our house out in them, bits here and there are just beautiful. Nice work (by your husband too!).


Uh oh! I really love those prints! I have never heard of Cath Kidston until now. Move over Vera Bradley and April Cornell. :) Those are wonderful finds!

Mrs G

A Cath Kidston Shopping Hubby?! Well, you are one lucky gal :)

I've been kind of crossin' my toes for the past couple of years that her florals-that-aren't-your-80s-florals style would hit big on this side of the Atlanta...I love florals :)

I think my toes are permanently fused crossed now...

But I haven't given up hope :)

Congrats on the great thrift finds...


You find the bestest stuff at goodwill! After hearing what you found, i'm thinking we have similar tastes in decor. Check out my blog

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