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April 24, 2007



Hey Selena, me again.
I posted pix of my trip. Thought you might wanna see :)


oh my goodness i LOVE Mikasa stuff. last weekend my nan gave me a set of Mikasa cups to add to my collection. And I am obsessed with aprons. How have I never come across your blog before?!


Hey, I like the look of those dishes, too! BUT I cannot keep all the dishes I like! I once sold a blue 54-pc set for $29.95 in my flea market booth. Mikasa also makes abstract flower designed dishes in the same colors. If I find any more I will mail a piece or two to you. Don't work too hard during your move!

j vorwaller

would you believe i've never seen those before? they are sooo adorable!! i can see why they are a favorite. :D


I started collecting vintage Mikasa about a year ago.
I found a set at a local thrift shop, love the colors too! great finds

Erin~the Vintage Pearl

oooooh, I love those!


I bought a set of the pink candy yesterday. Seems like I got a great bargain. I paid $8 for an almost complete 8pc setting. I'm missing one dinner plate, 1 cereal bowl, 3 salad plates, and I only have 4 sets of mugs/saucers. I just happened to find it at my Uncle's yard sale and thought it was pretty. I had no idea what I was getting. I am quite excited now but I need more information which seems hard to find. If you have any sites to recommend please email me.

Aleta Wolfe

Hi..I found yesterday an 'almost' complete set of mid 60's Terra Stone in Bristol Blue at the Salvation Army. Not as shiney as your 70's pieces but beautiful. Dark brown bottoms and beautiful blue surface. I am missing cereal bowels,5 coffee cups,creamer,sugar bowel, platters,and could use another serving bowel. There are about 10 pieces each of dinner plates,salad,side dishes,saucers and 3 coffee cups.Sadly I already broke a small bowel and saucer !! There was a bit of a brownish haze on some of the surfaces and I tried a soak of bleach and dish soap,washed them all and now they look new. I am sooo happy with my find I can't stop going into the kitchen for a look.
Started researching,found your blog (nice) but can't find much else. Only found two saucers on ebay in my color. I collect vintage aprons also!! Wish I could post a photo of my lovely Bristol Blues !! There is a photo from an old Robinsons ad though here.....http://cathyofcalifornia


I just found a set of 5 mikasa duplex plates(the yellow ones with the 2 flowers), a serving platter, i think like 10 saucers, the creamer and sugar cups all for 5 dollars at a thrift store. i didnt think they were such a find!!


I just bought four mugs matching those Mikasa bowls! I would totally do anything to reunite that family of dishware!

Great find :D :D


Hi there ~ kind of stumbled upon your site by accident. Wondered if anyone might know of interested buyer for 5-piece Mikasa Charisma Black set - service for 6, gently used, beautiful pattern. I am in a tough spot financially (aren't we all) and am willing to take offers.


I just found a 16 piece set entitled the brunch series for $4 bucks

pen larson

does anyone know when the mikasa primrose #8194 pattern was first produced? i have a 97 piece collection that was handed down to me from my mother and id like to know how old/value. any help would be appreciated, thanks, pen


I have an almost full set of Ben's Mikasa Duplex in the (gulp) avocado green design and I just love it. I found it in a box at a thrift store for $5. :D

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