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June 27, 2008



As I released my stuff and gained control over the stuff that I have chosen to keep, I have found more time for things I love and people I love. And I still haunt thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales. I just come home with much, much less than I did in the past. I still adore thrifting and I love it when I find something that someone I know is looking for. Warms my heart and all that. But I no longer buy everything that remotely interests me.

May you be blessed while you are on this journey of purging and I wish I could come to your yard sale!


Goodness Selena, I'm right there with you. :) Right before our move last year, I was decluttering a rapid pace and it was so liberating. I vowed to keep our new house down to a minimum with possessions. I haven't done a very good job as I look around my cluttered office which is the storage and sorting mecca of the house. There is no balance right now and I'm working on regaining it as the clutter and mess stress me out. You've inspired me to take another look at what I'm hanging onto and why and to nip things in the bud around my home. Best wishes!


I totally understand where you are coming from friend. I had a need over the last 2 years to collect and refurnish my house after a fire but after I thrifted and hunted down the necessities I kept going, and going, and going first it was because I was afraid I was going to miss out on the most perfect treasure, then it was because I just plain old was obsessed with getting bargains. I wanted to create a nest full of loved things, but what i have created was a bunch of clutter that's overwhelming me and our families I just got rid of a truck load of stuff at a yard sale, but still have a ways to go before I will truly feel released from all that I don't really need.

hugs to you,


What a great post - and so insightful! I, too, am in the same boat. I spend every weekend cleaning up the clutter and everywhere I look there is another pile. And I still come home every week with at least one bag of thrifted goodies. I think it's a sickness and I am trying so hard to get control of it.


Don't worry, you can still thrift and be a minimalist! Rule of thumb at my house is for everything that goes in, an equal number of things must go out. It's even working with my books biz! I seem to acquire about the same # of books that I sell each month.
I love Freecycle. I find homes for stuff with very little effort on my part. Granted I may be aiding and abetting someone else's hording issue but such is life!


This was wonderful to read. My dh and I moved as much as you have in the 13 years we've lived together. And with children, things tend to accumulate. I am not a pack rat, but dh won't throw anything away--asking me why I got rid of a double stroller when our kids are 4 and 6, just because I am having a baby in Oct. But with this recent move, I couldn't take it anymore. I got rid of so much: giving to family, friends, and charity. It felt fantastic. We reaped the rewards of helping others. We sold our house as soon as we moved into our rental, which had been on the market for 8 months. We paid off bills. What has gone out, has come back in as non-clutter. I feel a sense of relief. While everything is not completely gone, I am solely getting things in order and making tough decision about what to keep. I tend to do this while dh is away. Which reminds me, I should go to the garage and get rid of stuff while he is away. Congrats on your new found way of living.


So nice to see you post again!! Sounds like you've been doing a lot of soul searching. I miss your posts! Change is inevitable, change is a part of life, so I frankly think blogs can change also. I am very glad to hear you are also spending more time with your family - they are the most important things in life, and you can never recapture the childhood of your children. I don't think your blog NEEDS to be about thrifting, necessarily, anymore, but it might be nice to see a few pictures every once in a while of thrifted goodies that you are using to create memories with your children. I'm still waiting to see the appliqued t-shirts!! :)

Didn't I just drool with envy at the thought of all that you gave away to Goodwill. So many wonderful finds ... but it's true, there just isn't time, and energy, and room to handle all that. I hate moving, and haven't moved house as much, but have had moves in the job that necessitated moving a lot of crap around. I know the feeling of just getting as many boxes as you can and piling stuff in them just to get it taken care of. And next thing you know, you are surrounded by boxes with NO idea of what is in them!

I am definitely running out of room, but I am hoping to move by the end of the year and SET UP HOUSE properly, to have a better idea of what I want and need to keep, and what I can find a better home for. Guusje with the comment above has the right idea, but I admit I haven't cultivated that particular habit yet. And lucy so echoes my own sentiments - "I wanted to create a nest full of loved things, but what i have created was a bunch of clutter that's overwhelming .."

I would say current economic times probably means MORE people are spending less, and spending less time thrifting ... meaning maybe there are more treasures out there! I haven't looked in quite a while, though, even with garage sale season starting up in earnest now.

I think it's one of those things that will come and go ... now is the time to let go, but I'm sure a time to gather will come around again.


I got the bug to let go of a lot of things when our house was robbed in late 2000. Now I just view the things we have as stuff. It is nice to have a warm yet spare living space. I also just applied this to my closet and my kids' rooms. They love to get rid of things that they don't use anymore and we find ourselves dropping off at the Goodwill every month or so. It is so nice having a few good pieces of clothing that get really used. We live in a 1950's house and the closets are small and everything we have fits now. I also sold off most all of my jewelry this spring and only have a few things I wear over and over again and really like. Careful with that book, though. Search through youtube and look up the "church of Oprah." Although I think all books have bits and pieces to be gleaned, some need to be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak and although those videos might be done up by people as nutty as the subjects, it does give a person something to think over.

The Apron Queen

Wandered over from the Apronista. My you've been busy! :D Seems we share a love of aprons.

For your daily dose of vintage goodness a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen:

Jan in PA

I'm glad you came back...if for no reason than to make us proud of you. I too, have been bitten by the unclutter bug, or should I say the process of detaching myself from things.

I though I Had done that years ago, but just realized I was still doing it, and blaiming others. I would buy things for other people or in case someone needed it...then there was the profitability factor that I used to get past the guilt of wanting to be home for my family. I would accumulate things with the intention of selling them for a profit.

What did I do with the profit? Buy more things.

I knew I had to let go of the entire ball of wax...

Please, if you see any of my former things out there...step away...

Proud of you,

Paisley Jade

Love your blog - we live in a renovation nightmare and I often cringe at the thought of having people over... not because I don't like having people around, but because I never have the house tidy enough and things always needing sorting etc. I don't think our friends would even care. Anyway - keep up your awesome posts, they are encouraging!


Well, you can still be thrifty and not go overboard. THAT is what I have learned.

I'm not sure you want to be like me though - LOL!



I've been lurking for a while, and am a fan of your writing, your images and your finds. We have similar tastes. I've been compiling stuff for our garage sale in two weeks, which we jokingly refer to as our "catch and release" program - and when reading your post and then this article
within the same day, I realized that I'm not alone. Because, really - while I think it's great that others spend their time appreciating beautifully designed and charming items, I also realize I'm crazy to spend three hours sorting four tins of vintage buttons into colours for my garage sale. But, because part of my income depends on "flipping" vintage items, and because I rent things from my home to movies and tv shows, I always have excuses to keep some.

What you nailed is the time -- that I can enjoy things, but need to leave myself more time. Thanks!


Thanks so much for sharing that quote. It really made me sit up and think. For ages I have been depressed by my attachment to all my stuff and have in fact been having a huge clear out lately. Now I can start to see what the attachment is.

Must go and read that book ..........


Hi i just wanted to say I read Eckharts book too and it really gave me something to think about.That I had not really thought about in that way ie the body having an ego and also that paragraph you included in your post. I didnt relate the decluttering and giving away of things with reading Eckharts book , but perhaps that has given me a boot . I also have not wanted to shop ,and I do enjoy going to car boots etc, I question how much do i need (its not need) , but stopping that want. I am definaetely better and think about things differently and see it as consumerism and have gotton off that wheel!, It was refreshing to read your post and it was a mirror of how I feel x

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