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July 29, 2008



We have the Toddy system. My husband adores his coffee. I've never been much of a coffee drinker as the taste hasn't grown on me but I can't drink it for health reasons (interstitial cystitis). However, I found out about the cold press method from an IC email group. They recommended Peet's coffee. It has been a couple of years since my husband offered me a cup of coffee, but it was the best sip of coffee I've ever had.


This sounds like a pretty good system for parents of small kids too. You know the kind of morning where you can't seem to get a minute to yourself? A minute that you'd really like to use to make some fresh coffee? Much easier to just boil some water and add in the nectar. Yum!


Wow! How cool! I'm really interested in trying this, even though "normal" coffee doesn't bother me. It seems like a great way to avoid having to deal with (or waste) that last stale cup or two.


Wow! I've got to give that a try. I, too, get stomach aches from coffee, but it doesn't stop me from drinking it as often as I can. So you really don't get any side effects from this type? Amazing.
Love your blog!


I have posted swap partners so please stop by soon!:-) Lori

Chris Clark

This is delicious from New Orleans called Cool Brew . I order it online and get it shipped.
Seems to be a similar method and saves time.
I make iced coffee with it.


Your coffee system looks fantastic - I think I have long been denying the ill effects coffee has on me. I will probably give this a go sometime! Thanks, also for stopping by my blog!



Add me to the list of people who have ordered a cold-press system because of you! I can't wait for mine to arrive. Have you tried the Fresh Breeze organic 1/2 and 1/2? I love it so much, it's the only dairy allowed in my GFCF fridge :-)


i'm so going to have to try that out! thanks for the links, i'm so wanting some coffee now!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

ok....I am a coffee LOVER. I don't suffer any ill effects, but this seems like a terrific option! I'm a little cofused on the filters and brewing system but I'm checking out those links! Just to add a little to hot water is so easy and NO WASTE! I'll let you know when I finally try it! Thank you so much for this post!


Thought I'd come over and look at your blog as you commented on mine. Great blog I love all your thrifting finds.

Glad you have found a coffee solution. I drink decaff coffee because of the effects the caffeine has on me. I shall have to look into the system you have. I love that milk jug in your pictures.

apple cyder

I can't wait til my pregnancy is over so that I can try this. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so glad you did, bc now I can start reading yours...


Thank you for this info on cold-brewing coffee! I checked out the link for the thrifty version and yanno what... I happen to HAVE two nested soft drink cups on hand--they're too good to throw away, lol--and I think I might try this. I don't drink coffee myself but Gryph has been suffering from too much acid and is interested!

Plus I just have this feeling... hmmm... coffee concentrate... would it work like vanilla when I bake? *speculative look* I really want to try that! *grin*

ps--welcome home!!


I have had a few Toddy's in coffee shops and loved them...but had no idea how to do it myself. Thanks for sharing this.

Blue Castle

That coffee looks amazing. Until I can afford a Toddy system, I have been using a mason jar and then straining the coffee after it soaks. Even doing that, it tastes much better than the regular method of making hot coffee.


This looks like a really cool system and I'm with you on coffee being one of the best flavors on earth!


I have finally perfected the 'soak coffee and water overnight' method.. and now you tell us about this!
I LOVE iced coffee.
..Off to find a Toddy system..



I switched to decaf coffee 15 years ago and am very sensitive to caffeine now. Are you saying I could drink regular with this method? I hate that our family has to make two pots every morning.

Rose Campion

I've got the Toddy system. I picked that mostly because its sold at my place of work and I could use my employee discount on it. I'm sensitive to the caffeine as well as the acid, so I use decafe. It's great over lots of ice with almond milk. The best part is once you're done with the whole soaking for hours part, and have the concentrate, its so fast, just seconds and I have my coffee. Before I was making coffee with a melitta filter holder and it was big ordeal to make coffee, so much that on weekday mornings, I'd just go to the Fourbucks, as we call it.


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