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September 19, 2008


Chanda Kersten

I just found your blog through Daisy Cottage and I've been checking daily to see what new item's you've found. It's nice to see someone who still buys Strawberry Shortcake any chance you get (I do too!), vintage fabrics(me too!)and then stores them away for a rainy day...and just in the last couple of months have taken to all the new owl decor- so much that a friend said "What's with all the owls?" (don't you just want to reply "WHOO me?) was exciting to see your fondness for owls as well...I felt like I found a new friend in reading your blog...and because I to am addicted to anything retro..and scream at the sight of anything red, aqua and pink I would love to be included in your swap..
chanda kersten
ps..I too have already bought things and am soooo excited


I just found you through Swapdex. I love this idea. I hope the sign ups are still open, I'd love to join in!

Sarah B. B.

Just found you via swapdex, and oh heavens, this one is right up my alley. My kitchen is light blue and red - very close cousins to aqua. :) THANKS!

Kate Taylor

Well, of course I have to join, since my kitchen has been red and aqua inadvertently for some time and of course I love it now.

May I? I'm so excited!


I'm new to this, but would love to swap! Let me know if you need any more info ... PS- stumbling across your blog a few months ago reminded me how much i absolutely love thrifting :)

Sara Ito

I LOVE LOVE LOVE aqua and red! I'm so glad I found your blog! Count me in!


Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I would LOVE to be part of your "Aqua & Red Swap"! What a great idea! & color combination! Thank you for hosting!....I am so looking forward to it!!!...Heidi XO ( I am just fine with an international partner!


hi, i'm italian and live in south italy. i would be interested in this swap. please let me know


My mom (heidi!) told me about this swap and oh I am SO in too- I am going swap crazy lately but it is just SO much fun:) My email address is !! THANKS!! xo!


this sounds like a fun swap!! so happy to see i'm not too late for this one :) please sign me up.

Sherry Wescott

Sounds like fun and the colors are wonderful! Sign me up please!



I would love to join this swap!

Helen Lambert

My friend Big Bucket Girl just sent your details to me after my recent post featuring my wonderful new blue and red kitchen. I would love to be in your swap please could I have a partner in the UK. Love H
ps please pop by and see my kitchen on my blog


Oops. I think I'm too late. (Blame it on new baby!) It not, count me in. If so, maybe next time.

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I realize I'm a day late, but if you need an extra person, would you please count me in?

Randi Anderson

I literally just found this and it's such a lovely idea! I was part of Heidi's (of Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly) vintage halloween swap and saw the button on her blog just this morning for your swap. Can I still be in?


I've started gathering stuff for this. I'm so excited to "meet" my swap partner!


Shucks! Too bad I didn't stumble on this blog earlier! What a fun swap idea...I heart aqua and red:)


Hey Serena! Is there a flickr group yet for the '08 swap? I only saw the '06. Just wonderin. :) Thanks! xo

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