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September 19, 2008



I would love to join in this (my first) swap. I'm also in the UK.


These are the colors of my living room. Count me in!

Tammy Sprinkle

Please include me. I too love this color combination. I am off to email you, now. Thanks for organizing this swap.


I'd love to participate!!! I did a red and aqua swap one year on Swap-bot and I LOVED IT!!!


Hi! This is my first comment to your blog, but I've been reading it for a while now :) I'd love to participate in this swap. It'd be my first, but the combination of aqua, red, and vintage is too much to resist. Thank you!


I would love to join! Thanks for organizing this :)

Since I already have a little something in mind, I would prefer to ship only within the US.

happy zombie

I'm so excited... please count me in!

I'm gasping at seeing the red aqua swap of '06. OHMYGOODNESS... that was so long ago, but feels like it was just yesterday.


Well I am a swap virgin but this is quickly becoming one of my fav color combos. I want to join.

Jessica (Kids Napping?  I'm Scrapping!)

I've been following your blog for sometime now; it is lovely. Just lovely! :)
Please include me for this swap. What a beautiful color combination. Thank you for hosting!


I'd like to take part but are you happy for international participants? I'm in England.


I have been nervous about doing a swap before, but I have some good stuff in this colorway, so pleeeeez count me in!!!! How fun. Thanks!


please add me in...sounds like fun.
i am in the us and prefer us person to swap with.




I'd love to join. I don't have a blog but could share my flickr account so I'm not a total stranger.

Creative Mama

I would love to be included in the swap! I love color and although I still say my favorite color is purple I love so many colors for different reasons...aqua and red are finding ways into our home!


AHHH! SO awesome. I wish I had time to get in on this one!


I love red and aqua, I must join this one! I prefer US please.


I'd love to join in! I would prefer to mail within the US if possible. Thanks a bunch!


I love your blog and would LOVE to do this swap. Let me know the rules and I am in-Colleen


oh YAY! I just painted my kitchen aqua and have touches of red too! I'd love to join!


this is my first time here and I came via the Swapdex. I like these colours and would like to participate if you go international as I am outside the US.


Please count me in for the swap Selena! I've been a red and aqua fan for a long time. I'm fine with a US or overseas partner.


The kids are nagging me to join in...we're in the UK but can post internationally. Red and Aqua is going to be the colour of Xmas apparently here!So they tell me!



I would love to be counted in as well on the red and aqua swap. This is one of my all time favorite color combos. I even tried to make it work for my wedding many years ago, but was talked out of it at the time, now I am finding ways of working it in around my house though.

Tina in Duluth

I've never participated in a swap before, could you give a few more details on how it works, what types of things are included and any other detail to make the recipient delighted to receive their parcel? For example, I'm a thrifting and vintage junkie and prefer handmade, so I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone.


I would love to join the swap too. They are some of my favorite color combinations.

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