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October 07, 2008



which size banner did you use?? you are right, it is slightly off on the that the smallest of the ones i made ya? i can make one just a bit smaller if you want...

and i love cookbooks...too bad i NEVER cook...ha ha ha...



I discovered your blog by doing a google search on the word "thrift"- and I have so enjoyed reading it over! I also love to thrift (your posts about thrifting speak to my heart!) and my daughter and I are being tested tomorrow for Celiac- so I may find myself visiting even more as I figure out what a gluten-free life is like.

Thanks for letting me share-


I think our cookbook shelves are twins seperated at birth!


I need to jump on the meal planning bandwagon. Maybe I will sit down tonight and do that. Thanks for the push!



Great post! I love cookbook reading, meal planning and shopping! I love being organized with it. My post on my blog ( was my Thanksgiving meal planning... I'm already way ahead on that one. I'd love to know where you got your meal planner. Right now I just use a combination of my day planner and sticky notes, but would love to have something more organized like yours!


The last time I tried to do something like that I was only for two weeks... Then I got bored of all the planning... But I didn't have those cute daily planners! Hmmmm...
Cook books... Cook books are the 1st kind of books on my LOVE list... lol :)


Thanks for this post :) I'm moving house this year and am determined to begin my life in the new house with organisation and meal plans!

I'm desperate for one of your planners but I'm in the UK :( would you ever consider mailing one to the UK? If not is there any chance you'd consider just selling the email link to the pages so I can print them off and put them in a binder of my own? Obviously I'd prefer to buy one of your gorgeous binders!


Yes, I totally agree with you! I've also been trying to be diligent with meal planning. I even have a white board in the kitchen that I write the menus for the week on. I'm an American living in South Africa so I've had to learn to make more things from scratch (which I love!) and also find out what they sell here and what they don't. This has helped me tremendously. I spent the first year here frustrated because I would go to the store and they wouldn't have half of what was on my list! Now I know what I can find and what I can't so it has really helped me! Have fun meal planning!


Just surfin' the blogs and found you. I wanted to say Hi and nice blog.



Great post. This is something that I've been trying to get back into as well. I started a new job at the end of August, and there's definitely been a major period of adjustment. I'm completely guilty of ordering one too many meals out.

My difficulty is trying to buy local produce *and* meal plan. It's really difficult to plan meals before you see what is actually at the market, because unlike the grocery store, you can't be sure that something is actually going to be there! What I try to do is go to the market, make careful practical choices about buying produce, and then let my food choices inspire the recipe plan.

Mrs. S.Read

This is just what my husband has been on me about--the whole meal planning things just gets me dizzy-followed by lightheadedness (is that really a word?) which leads me to the chocolate! Maybe what I need is a little planner- I like yours! how can I make one for me? Something that I enjoy to look at would be nice, not some plain blank page! **please tells us ladies how to get our wonderful planners started!!!** xo


this post is totally about me, I NEED one of those menu planners!

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