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October 13, 2008



Hi, how do we get our swap-partner's address? Just contact them ourselves?



Here's mine:

I basically just do status updates everyone once in a while. It's an easy way to avoid blogging, but it's also fun if you have a quick question to ask, want to announce a new blog post, or suggest a tv show, blog news story, sale, whatever. Once you "follow" a few people and see what everyone does, it'll all make more sense.


I am matched with someone who has no blog do I find out their email address and mailing address?



Oooh I must be on Sara's list.... excited to find out who I've been paired with! :)

Jenna Z

I will be watching the comments on this post because I don't get it either. I was told recently that I should have one for my shop so that I can twitter updates and such. But...uh...who reads those things? I find twitters on people's blogs/sidebars mildly annoying at best.


I, too am paired with someone without a blog link. How do I find out their particulars and such?
Thanks a million ^..^

melissa s.

i use twitter to check in with friends during the day. it's fun to see what people are up to. it's just short little blurbs, no pics, no fuss. just the stuff that runs through your mind but not necessarily email or blogworthy, i guess.
i'm here
i just started, so email me if you have ?'s if you'd like!


Throughout the day I am sending the details of your swap partners to you. I'm half way through so if you haven't received yours yet you should have it before the end of the evening. I'm now switching gears to bookseller, then mom and after dinner I'll continue on sending your emails out. Thanks for your patience.


I too will be checking back to see if I can find out more about Twitter.


Ooooo, I'm all excited about the swap. I've already been squirrelling away a few things.

I'm all atwitter about Twitter, too. I'll have to check that out and see if I can get my head wrapped around it.

happy zombie

Oh red and aqua sunshiney day! Thank you Selena!

PS... I don't get it either. I think it's like Facebook... but I could be wrong. My brother coerced me in getting a Facebook account. Don't get it, don't want it... I like blogging best.


Woo hoo, thanks girls!! :)


YEAH!!! how fun:):)
I joined twitter cause my brother is a twitter addict and it's fun to keep up with him - it's pretty much like texting one liners about what you're doing or what's going on. My twitter is raeshadrz

Sarah B. B.

Not a twitterer, myself (have to draw the line somewhere), but I hear it's fun. :) Thanks for all the hard work to organize our swap!!!


this looks so time i wanna play


If you have anyone who wants to join the swap at the last minute I'd love to join and be their partner...


is it too late to join in on the swap? this sounds like fun!


I am not on either list, but I signed up one of the first days...what do I do?


I signed up and filled out the form you sent me, but I'm not on either list :\


I've been missed off both lists :(
Please let me play! ;)
I left a comment on Sara's too.


I'm not on either list too (and no form)


I am so excited for this swap!

Re: Twitter, I didn't get it at first either, but now I really like it. It feels more like being part of a big casual conversation than blogging.

I'm at


Wait, I just realized--I'm not on the list either...


Hmmm, I suppose the list is closed. But just in case it re-opens due to popular demand, i am in berkeley, ca.


I don't appear to be on either list. Signed up on 20th September.

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