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November 07, 2008



I'm working on getting over my fear of using my "good" things, whether thrifted or not. I really do believe that pretty belongings *want* to be used but putting that belief into practice isn't always easy when we're so often raised to save our best china and glass and jewelry and... for some undefined perfect time.

Do you have any thoughts on this topic? Do tell!


How about thrifting tips for the modern or contemporary styled home? As much as I love the crib paper rack idea, a piece of crib would look silly in my space.

PS - I've tagged you on my blog in connection to a list game...

amanda o

thinking of a question...but all i can come up with is "why do you find all the best thrifty goodness"?


hello, I forgot to comment on your earlier post about self esteem. I am really not trying to spam your comments but a while ago I wrote a song about my own battle with self esteem and my husband filmed me singing it at an open mic over the summer and I thought I'd share...


Here's one for you: What is your take on flea markets or other sales that cost money to enter? I thrift shop for fun, but also because I'm on a budget. Sometimes I browse the thrift store and walk out only buying $5 worth of stuff. I'd hate to go to a flea market and pay $5 or $10 to get in if I'm only going to buy $5 worth of stuff! What do you recommend I do? So far I have avoided the flea market, but always with a bit of regret.


Where can you go/what can you do when you are in a thrifting mood and not much is advertised on Saturday?


Where can you go/what can you do when you are in a thrifting mood and not much is advertised on Saturday?


Where can you go/what can you do when you are in a thrifting mood and not much is advertised on Saturday?


Good morning!!!

I would love to hear tips on looking for silver. I honestly cannot tell the difference between silver, and silverplate. I have seen a couple of your posts (a pitcher, yes? And a whole set of silverware for $8 or something?) and salivate SLIGHTLY at the very idea. :)

My personal take on thrifting (or anything scarce, or rare, that I'm looking for) is that it is a numbers game - the more you look, the better likelihood that you will find! And besides, I am always learning things along the way.

I would genuinely love to see a video tour of one or two of your collections! It would be adorable to have a little commentated walkthrough of some of your aprons. I'd like to hear where you found it, for how much, and why you like it. I honestly can't remember if I've ever read about how you started collecting aprons, either.

I did put on an ADORABLE dress apron (only from Target, but I don't care, because there were matching oven mitts on sale too!) the other day just to do the dishes, and dang it, I even FELT more productive.

I know you must also have truckloads of books - what are some of your favorite references, and why? You find Scandinavian stuff that I've never heard of, and I have no idea how you even know about stuff like that. Is it just from picking up random things and then researching them when you get home? I keep wondering what you will do with your Franciscan set, since you had mentioned parting with it!

I know that as I've started thrifting and hunting, I have a pretty good eye for the patterns and colors of certain designers or lines. It's right more often than it's not. I tend to like the linens, too, and I just have TOO MUCH.

What I really need is either a consult, or a video, about how to organize and where to store all this stuff. I know you offer organizing services on your site, and sometimes I have no idea where to even begin. I get the feeling that those of us that like to thrift tend to just ACCUMULATE. I need to quit on my hoarding! I think I am decidedly spatially challenged, to boot. :(

Anyways, I look forward to another adorable video!!


I'd like to hear more about making money through thrifting. I remember reading somewhere you made a nice amount last year and perhaps we can learn from you!
By the way, I was reading O magazine ( October issue) and they had the exact Dansk cutlery with the wooden handle you found a while ago in the "favorite things" list! I believe it said $100 retail price for a set.



Oh, I so, so wish I could stop by and meet you. Alas, I don't live anywhere near you. But my thoughts will be with you. Promise that you will enjoy yourself thoroughly!

Cheers and happiness your way,


How'd you do at the holiday bazars? I am thinking about restraining and not going to any this yr. Going thru my Christmas stuff and sorting/tossing/giving away and simplifying! Not sure I can do it though ...


hi selena!!
i need help just getting STARTED going thru all my cr*p....i seriously need to have a yard sale, post things on CL or freecycle and (sadly) go to the dump!! i am just overwhelmed though. any tips on how to get started/ organize? i've never even had a garage sale before!! yikes! it intimidates me!

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