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November 06, 2008


Cherry Tree Lane

I love it! You have renewed my mind with ideas!


What a fantastic book! I've added it to my want to read. :)


I have been fans of theirs for years and finally got to go to the store this summer with my aunt. We had an hour before having to be at a wedding and that is not enough time! I could live quietly in that store and absorb inspiration from every corner. The book is on my Christmas wish list. Cheers.


Oh yes, it definitely goes on my wish list. Thanks for the tip!


I think I'll add this to my Christmas wish list.

amanda o

clicking over to add to my christmas list as i type this...i love it!

melissa s.

looks like a fun read! our crib was recalled so i have the old crib rail sitting around (collecting dust) waiting for some inspiration. think i found it with that paper (or quilt?) rack. thanks!!


Thanks. I love coming here and getting rejuvenated with a fresh breeze from your posts. It looks like a great book and just the kinds of projects I would enjoy.


Great post and a book I think I will have to acquire...thanks for sharing.


Oooh...I want this book! I just got rid of an old crib. ;(


sounds like a good one!! It will have to go on the Christmas list!

studio sister lisa

Hi there my friend! Thanks for the terrific review. And I can just imagine you reading the book and running out and making a project! Talk soon! Lisa


I love my Everyday cookbooks that you brought me! Love them!

Daisy Steiner

Looks like a wonderful book.


cool!! I didn't even know books like that excisted! I only started thrifting on a regular basis when I moved to PEI.. I started making crafts this year and realized I could find lots of supplies at second hand stores and then I discovered I could find much more than craft supplies... and *then* I discovered the awesome flea market here!

Do you think I will be able to find that book in a regular book store? Or would I have to order it?

Also, I wish I had room for that crib idea in my craft room. I havr dreams of a gift wrapping station.. sigh.


Heidi Jo the Artist

This looks like a great book! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I wish I could visit their shop, but I live miles away…I’ll have to be happy with the book until I get out that way. Thanks for sharing!

Heidi Jo the Artist


I think it is tough to find that book we all crave, the one with some real inspiration in it. Looking forwar to this one. Want to list a few other favorites or stinkers you wish you had passed up?


I love this place, and the book. I have been there twice and blogged about it. This store is AMAZING!!!

Beth Evans-Ramos

Hi Selena,
Thanks for the fab review of our book! I'm so glad you are enjoying it.


Thank you for reviewing this book, I hadn't seen it before, but I will look for it now. I've got a lot of "junk" around here and am always trying to find creative things to do with it. I love the pictures you shared, it got me thinking--especially about that crib!

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