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May 05, 2009



great new banner!!! You really should be a photographer. (I think I say this every time!)

will read post later....Hee-hee (at work).

I hope I read about the story of the trees. Where is this bed? xo A


I agree with you about patience and instant gratification and commented on it on Donna's yesterday when she talked about the rise of convenienc, drive-threw food. We needed new dishes as are dept. store set was getting chipped and broken and while there are some appealing new patterns, I really wanted to thrift it. I found an almost complete service for eight of Noritake's Arunta for 49.99! My husband is particularly thrilled and even my 15 year old daughter loves the design. I would not have left such a great bookcase at a garage sale either. I am sure your house will sell soon.


what good advice... and the whole patience thing is my biggest problem!
'if i don't buy it now - i won't find it later...'!!

thanks for sharing!


Totally agree. That's why it took me months to find the bike I wanted secondhand, and I paid half of what it would cost new. But since it is great quality, it doesn't matter much it's been used and as a brand with high service they're always friendly and helpful at the shop even though I didn't buy it there new. And it feels so much better knowing how much I saved. :-)
I did buy a pair of shoes -new- last year for 90 euros (125 us$?) and saw sample pairs for only 20 a month ago, that hurt but I figured I really love the shoes and have already worn them for almost a year before I ever saw them again.



right on!!!

sometimes the only thing that works for me, in terms of not buying something, is saying to myself, "remember 5 minutes ago when you didn't even know this existed? you were fine then. carry on."

...which tends to work, but every now and then, if I can't stop thinking about it and it's truly cheap/a good deal, I might go back and get it... :)


I had been wanting a potting bench, desperately. I have had my eye out at thrift stores for something that LOOKED like a potting bench. I finally found an old table, a wooden tool box and six pieces of wood at a thrift shop. I hammered it all together, and voila, new potting bench! Check out my blog for photos. Yea for the new bed!


There are a few things I want, but I'm waiting to find them second hand. I hadn't thought of me being a patient person, but I guess I am when it comes to shopping.


Ha! I totally agree. But sometimes I become TOO patient and forget what I'm keeping an eye out for in the first place. So I started a list on my phone (with measurements for furniture) that I can pull out on the way to the thrift store. Congrats on the bed!


Thank for the reminder of patience! It is a lesson that I take to heart. I am so a "have it now" person.
Have a great day!


Thank you for this. As always, I feel as if I am coming away with a little nugget of wisdom. And when it comes from a bloggy friend, it feels even better.:)

Dime Store Thrift

I could completely understand when you said that we may not find it again! when we find something interesting while thrifting. And I am so glad your patience paid off, it is a lovely bed.


Very good advice. Glad you found your bed. :)

P.S. Did you get the emails I sent awhile back with a trial blog header I had made up for you? Just curious. :)


You made a good buy on the bed.

I couldn't agree with you more about thrifting making you patient. I always thrift for what I need and the thrill of finally finding something I've been searching for far outweighs the feeling I get when I have to buy something new and full price. Also, if I make a mistake on something, I know it didn't cost me a lot and there'll be someone else who wants it.


Did you put a box spring on your Malm bed? I've been offered one for 60 dollars, but already have a box spring. I hear it doesn't need one but was wondering what it looked like with the box spring and mattress. Is that what's going on in the photo above?

Selena Cate

Yes, I did put a box spring on it. I kind of like the height of it. Word of caution though, make sure the bed has the metal bit that the mattress rest on. I didn't realize until a few days after our post that ours was missing. I had to add 2 by 4's under the slats. In the end we sold it at our yard sale. The bed I loved but was disappointed that it wasn't all there.
But yes the photo is the box spring and mattress on the bed.

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