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September 21, 2009



it's a gorgeous table, selena . . . what a super find!!


Hi Selena,
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Sorry for leaving a long-winded comment but I couldn't find any other contact info on your blog. Thank you for your time and I look forward to continuing our conversation if you are interested in learning more.
Have a great day!



Hi Sweetie, Glad all is going well on your journey. Happy Autumn Equinox/Harvest!

I love your table. It gives me strong Viking vibes...feasting and boasting and Valhalla. Or, like something out of an Igmar Bergman movie. Use it in the very best, and I hope you found out who made it, etc. I think you got a great deal. xoxo, Sunny


What a gorgeous find!


I know nothing about this table but I do know that it is awesome. And I think you got it for a great price!! Did the chairs come with it?? They look fabulous too...

I was at a thrift store yesterday and I have a thing for chairs. Just regular 'dining table' type chairs that I like to paint and distress, put in a corner with a plant on it or a stack of books. Anyway, I was sitting on a few and fiddling with a few tables and finally I said to the owner "You know, you could sell these faster if you would just tighten everything up on them!". I mean, who wants something wobbly? I'm not a carpenter! lol!!

I hope you find out more about the table, Selena...


Nancy S

Ohhhh, that is just too beautiful. What a wonderful find!


I've never seen a table quite like that. It's so pretty! Great find for you new home!


Wow, that is a beautiful table! And a very good price too.


Gorgeous table, lady and a good price too. :)


Wow! That is a stunner of a table! Definitely an heirloom!

I love thrifty treasures. I'd wager that you could never find a table this awesome at most of the big box stores.


Oh dear, a table with tiles. I can see why you like it and I think you can guess that I don't, lol. But if it fits the style you're looking for it's a great price because it looks like really good quality! Glad to hear thrifting is really working out for you there. What would life be if there wasn't proper thrifting to do!! :-)


Selena Cate

how wonderful to hear from you Sunny. Yes, a viking feel is just the perfect description. I've always been one to want to spend hours at a table and this table has that magic vibe to it. Wish you were closer so that we could invite you to a meal.

On Sep 21, 2009, at 8:30 AM, wrote:

Eryl Bradfield

What a lovely table and a good price too!

I have seen similar tables on Ebay UK. Typically none listed when you need them , however,I found this one on the USA site - item number 390064714819 - different tiles though, but look at the price!

In the UK tiled tables tended to be manufactured by G-Plan in the 70's. You can find quite a few tiled nests of tables and coffee tables on the UK site.

Check out Retrowow. They may be able to identify your table as they are also authors of The G-Plan Revolution. I haven't got this book as yet but it's on my wish list.

Happy thrifting!



I like it a lot. It's practical, earthy, and the chairs have a nice organic curve.

A great price AND you didn't have to transport the other table with you!

If it were mine, I might swap out the fabric for a darker pattern that will play off the deeper tones of the tile (and hide kid stains!)

Selena Cate

My thoughts exactly. The fabric is so drab. I was wondering if a dark teal wool would be nice or should I stick with browns. I'd love your thoughts on the coloring.

On Sep 21, 2009, at 5:44 PM, wrote:


It's stunning! Very Danish Modern in style - which was all the rage in the 1960s.
You do have the eye!

Selena Cate

Thanks Guusje. Does Lana really have swine flu? How is she doing? Are you okay?
How are your auctions going?

On Sep 21, 2009, at 6:53 PM, wrote:

Selena Cate

Hi Jamie,
I would be interested in discussing this further with you. Obviously with the theme of my blog I would want to stick to both the frugal and eco side of it. For example I could never review teflon since I don't use this product. But I am interested to see how we could work together. Thanks for contacting me.

On Sep 21, 2009, at 8:12 AM, wrote:


Totally Stunning! Awesome find! I want one! If you find out more--let us know! Filling my need to thrift by fabric shopping. xoxo A


Can't give you any information on it, but that table is absolutely gorgeous. I love the chairs, too. Good for you for waiting until you found your perfect piece.


Great table! Very unique and it looks great with the other pieces you have going on in there.


That is an awesome table!! I want one like it!

Selena Cate

Thanks Tracy. Come and have a meal with me. Maybe we can do a day of brainstorming for you. :-)

On Sep 22, 2009, at 1:57 PM, wrote:


Ooooh, I love it. You know me I am Nordic/Russian. When I saw your table I was drooling. It looks perfect in your home. I love how you are keeping to the minimalistic Nordic design. It fits perfect in your new home. I love the chairs too. I will laugh all day about Keiran looking at the table the wrong way, lol. My DH has that luck. I definitely know what you mean. :)


That is such an amazing table. I've never seen another like it I must say. I think you were very lucky to nab it.

I felt a bit sad reading your last post and hope things are gradually getting a bit easier for you. At least you are amongst friendly like-minded people. When we moved from London to Scotland 11 years ago I remember all too well the disapproving looks at the toddler group as I breastfed my then one year old (who was obviously far too old for such a thing in their eyes). The whole school gate thing was so hard for me as I stood there wondering what everyone else had to talk so easily about! Hey ho - it's easier now thanks goodness. All the best. Bx

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