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November 16, 2009



Great fondue pot.

Linda@Coastal Charm

This GW sounds really different from the ones we have here on the coast...I'm sure treasures are still to be found.



I feel for you. My parents favorite hobby was moving. We constantly lived out of boxes when I was a child. I can't stand too look at a brown box in my home. If you think I am joking I actually will have a panic attack looking at a brown box, ROFL.

I told my DH if we ever move to a temp home I don't care but everything is getting unpacked. My DH's Mother her favorite hobby was moving also so my DH is in total agreement with me. :)

I am a huge paper crafter. No, rubber stamps are not going out of style. I am also a huge Michael's shopper. I go in so much the manager and staff tell me everything. :)

Michael's is concentrating on the clear acrylic trend right now. I miss my wood mounted stamps too. I love stamps so I will use them all. It's something vintage about our precious wooden stamps that I can't give up.

I am so jealous that you have a Goodwill with the Bins. I want to do that so much.

I love your "treasures". Good hunting!


I love bins at thrift stores! I esp. love dirty shelves loaded with cutlery and textiles.
The thrill of the hunt is magnetic.

My fiancè usually is trying to pry me out of the store, so I prefer to go alone :-) or with like-minded friends.

btw what's in the stardust box?


I have definitely gotten the Husband call more than once. Especially if he's home with our little one and I tell him I'm "Just running a few errands" Then I look at the clock and realize I've spent an hour instead of fifteen minutes at the thrift store!


NICE finds. I'm in awe that Goodwill chains nationwide have very different shopping etiquette. Here you simply grab a cart and shop around. Store sizes vary. Most everything is dusty and grimy. Clothing and Dishware is inexplicably organized by color. Sometimes people wait outside the door for the Goodwill to open (particularly on Sunday) but there's little conflict.

I miss having the time for long, languid thrift store strolls, I’m definitely going to make time for some good thrifting this weekend…


You got some fun finds! :)
Since you aren't able to keep a cart at your side, do you have to be more watchful of people "shopping" out of your cart?
Oh, yes...I've definitely lost time thrifting (especially when I'm on a roll finding good stuff) and gotten the call from my DH asking which abyss I disappeared into this time. :)
They are opening up a new Goodwill outlet in Everett in mid-December. I can't wait to go.


thx for the heads up on the AG stocking stuffers!

Nancy S

I love the fondue set...I don't think I would have known what that was. As for significant others....mine has come to a screeching halt in the road and reversed 300ft because he thought he saw a yard sale. He can spot the tiniest, waterlogged yard sale sign and he'll never turn a sale down, no matter how insignificant it seems from the road. I can spend hours in the thrift store and still can't drag him out of there.

I wouldn't have it any other way...we make a heck of a team and we have so much fun. Someday we'll attempt to turn this into a living. For now, I'll be looking out for my own Danish fondue set.


I remember those chairs- they were weird when I was a kid and I tried to climb the one in my grandfather's study. He yelled at me.


I LOVE our Goodwill outlets! We have one for housewares and accessories (N. Austin) and one for clothing and bedding (S. Austin). I found SO much good stuff there and got it all for $20. They use the same eyeball and give you a price method. I've learned that the cashiers with the longer lines are usually more generous with their pricing.


I know just what you mean about time racing by when you're thrifting, that always happens to me.

Wow, 2 - 3 hours in one thrift store, that's amazing. You'd be lucky to be able to look round a charity shop in the UK for more than 15 minutes and then you would have pretty much seen everything they have for sale. I'm hoping to be visiting the US next year and I plan on doing A LOT of serious thrifting whilst I'm there.


I am a huge paper crafter. No, rubber stamps are not going out of style


I can't believe you got that chair for a $1!
I have been searching the Petaluma thrift stores for one, I have had some sciatic pain lately and sitting is difficult. If you decide to sell it, please let me know, I would definitely give you more than a dollar for it :)

It was great to meet you in person on Saturday and I love all my fabrics, I'm still admiring them all and thinking about what fun things i can make.


I remember that chair well. I had one at my first job out of high school when I worked at a production company for a local paper. I did typesetting and it was pretty good for the back but goodness gracious did the knees suffer. I could only sit on it for half a day.

Those were good old days. Thanks for the flashback!

New Jordans

This post makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. As always your things are just gorgeous and I am grateful that you let us look in! Have a good week!

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