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November 25, 2009



Oh, I love that oven or would have thought the same thing: cool! Maybe not so cool? LOL

Happy TG. Love your menu, love your family!


Your menu looks delicious. What time should I swing by for coffee and pie? ;D Big hugs to your family all around.


Happy Thanksgiving. I found your blog through some random search query on google.

I had a question about the GF free cookies and all. My youngest son is allergic to wheat, soy,eggs,milk amongst other things. I use GF Free flour from TJ and Whole Foods to make pancakes for him.
Do your recipes include the above ingredients?

The reason I ask is that I have found since I am so limited, everything I bake for him turns out cardboardy. I use Energ Egg Replacers even then, it just taste horrible and he rather have a fresh fruit salad. :(

Thanks and happy thrifting. I just moved to the Bay Area over a year ago.I am amazed at the quality of things I find at yard sales and thrift stores as well.


I love the variety your menu offers, I love looking through magazines and dreaming up a wonderful menus for my gatherings. How did your turkey come out in your 'time capsule' oven?? Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


I lived with an oven that was of the same vintage and had definite temp control issues. I ended up buying a countertop convection/microwave oven just for Thanksgiving. We remodeled the kitchen - an experience I hope never to have to live through ever again - and installed our big commercial grade range. We gave the countertop model to our son. I am still grieving that loss because NOTHING ever made a better pie crust, gluten free or regular. It was not expensive and it was certainly worth every penny. Can't say that about many things these days!


Loving your blog! I am so intrigued by your taste! I cant believe we haven't met! I love thrifting too.

You must join us for "Running with Glitter" this year! And get together with our crafty bunch who love vintage, retro as much as you do! Thanks for the blog suggestions and I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

Peace,love and glitter,
C and the PCM

Tayla B

The menu looks delicious! I hope everything went well :)

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This menu looks delicious! I would like to eat this food hahaha

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