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November 22, 2009


Erin Hisaw

This may sound like a funny question, but did you sell the red angel that can be seen in picture #1 and #2? I have an ivory angel similar to her that is a "music box"...only not a box, of course :) Anyway, I'd be curious to see more detailed photos of this one (if it's still available)...and what your price is for it. Thanks!


It sounds like so much fun, I love vintage things, so much history behind them. Glad you had a great time.


Your table looked very inviting...I would definitely have stopped to take a closer look! Loved the addition of the fairy lights, too!


Your set up is very attractive and inviting- no wonder you sold out! You did a good job seeking the right event/demographic to sell your wares.

Unique, artistic items are warmer and more interesting than anything the retail world could offer.

Nancy S

Your booth was beautiful! Wish I could be at your next craft show.

This Thrifted Life

What a beautiful little booth! My parents sold their handmade wares in lots of craft shows when I was growing up, and I absolutely loved going. The atmospehere was so much fun, and there were always plenty of fun things--even for a kid--to look at. I need to find some fairs around here and start going again.


Great show--I love what I got from you. Thanks for letting me know about it! Your table was super fun.


i love the lights ...i would have never thought of that !

Holly White-Wolfe

Your table and items are so lovely, Selena! How lucky that our booths are side by side for the Winter Faire this weekend. (More on this event at:

I find your selections so inspiring. I can't wait to make flowers from the thick, rosy felt I bought last night. I plan to make felted flowers for my sister in-law's upcoming baby shower - the pattern is modeled after a recent edition of Stampington and Co's "Where Women Create." Check out for amazing eye candy!

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