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November 13, 2009



for the record :-) I was very tired when I wrote this and it seemed like each time I reread it after publishing it, I would find more errors. Please forgive the grammar/spelling this evening. I need to post more in the day time when I have energy to edit.


I love those kind of bargains too! Last year I collected Boots Advantage Points - I'm in the UK - ( They had tons of deals on everyday essentials that had extra points so they quickly added up. Then, in the sale, they had 75% off gift items so I bought more items and gained more points. I then used my points to buy a camera that was £160 reduced to £40 but free with my points. I think that must have been my best deal :)


air miles for a trip to Baltimore for me and the kids. and many other things I can't even think of right now.

Bee Balm Gal

From upstate New York, our grown children have dispersed themselves across the world like dandelion fluff. With a son in Oregon and a daughter who we have visited in Chicago, South Carolina, Texas, and Italy, we have traveled a LOT in recent years. You bet we redeem air miles. I charge EVERYTHING to earn points, but I am very careful to pay off the total each month. Otherwise, it's no bargain at all.


I am the queen of freebies. I have taken Freeby hunting to the next level!! We have a great website in the Uk ( and it has a freebie forum. We go to the cinema at least once a week - often twice for free. We have free meals out, weekends away, I get almost all our toiletries and cleaning products for free, Lots of gift items - the list is endless!! My family are amazed at what I can blag - for n'owt!! You are a girl after my own heart


i've always wanted to sign up for an airline miles credit card, but i'm continually held back by having to pay the annual fee of $50 or $75 dollars. any advice?


Just another perspective on free credit card point stuff...we bought some flooring this summer from a local small business. They specifically asked that for amounts over $100-200, that we not put it on a credit card. Being that we own a small business, we understood this. Credit card companies take 5% and sometimes more of a transaction--transaction fees. THose free miles and points aren't really free, they are paid for by the businesses you buy from. This doesn't hurt the big businesses that much, they may negotiate lower fees, and/or may be able to absorb it more readily. But be conscious of small businesses when using credit cards. Cash or a check means they are paid more!

Selena Cate

Our Hilton card, which is free, lets us convert half of our miles to Hilton half to Alaska Airlines. This makes a great combination. You are able to have a miles card without paying the year fee. It should be just a simple collecting miles rather than using your credit card dollars for miles.

Thanks for the great question.

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