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November 24, 2009



Yes! I was wondering when you'd show us your art. :) I really, really like them! My favorite is the Mod Reindeer, but all three are really great.


You know me and owls... So of course, that's my favorite, though all three are so lovely!

This Thrifted Life

They're all so lovely! And so unique--I love that I havem't seen anything else really like these.


I am an owl freak. I love all of them but covet the 'owl moon'!

I try not to stress myself out over any holiday or event, but do walk a thin line between not going crazy about details and not being too late with everything. Make sense?

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Nancy S

I loved the Lion and the Pomegranate, though all of them are great.

I had my big Thanksgiving bash last week so I'm not stressing at all. Now Christmas? That I'm already stressing about! How did it get to be only a month away?!??!


Your art is terrific. I like the owl. :)
As for Thanksgiving, I'm not hosting this year, but have some side dishes to make with ingredients I still have to buy. I'll be facing the crowds tomorrow.

Jodi at The Jolly Bee

The owl's my favorite -- I'm seeing lots of owls out in blogland lately. Very nice job.
-- Jodi


Adorable site!!


I really like your art!! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Have a great day!


Swoon!!! Those reindeer are outta this world!! Love that oven too, very mod indeedy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

amanda o

oh...if only i could afford the little owl. it is amazing! could you please explain how you made them and what materials you used? they look so original!


Those are cute!! Love the owl!


The subtle mix of texture and color is beautiful and inspirational, I love these mixed media pieces. The lion piece is very original and fun, but I really like the vintage sterling look that the owl piece has.


Fantastic!! love all your art and your blog is so fun to read!


OMG, I can't believe I've neglected to check my favorite blog in the whole world...but then, I get to feast when I am most needing it!!!
These fiber art pieces are imaginative and completely lovely. And inspirational, and lovely, and fabulous, and lovely...xo A

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