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November 15, 2009



when we visited California a year and a half ago it was like coming home... I haden't been back since I was pregnant with Harrison... we had actually missed the last trip when I was pregnant as i was so sick in the hospital that we never made the flight and my parents moved to Idaho without our help.... I must have cried 3 or 4 times going around all my favourite places in Sonoma County.. seeing my friend Meegan, and getting to meet up with Jaci who I went to school with and hadn't seen since high school. I didn't know how much I missed the Bay Area till we went back.. I'm so excited about going in spring.. it may only be for 5 nights but it will still be magical and a renewal of spirit.


Sigh. As the wind blows outside our PNW windows, and the cold draft blows across our house...I wish you a sunny, happy day tomorrow. It really is great to have nice weather :-)


I love using thrifted items; I don't think I have any other type of dishes. I don't know why it gives me so much pleasure to use used items but it does. Really love your candle holder!


Oh, I am still just like you were and I really need the book you mentioned!! Since we don't entertain that often, I really get anal and frantic. But you always works out. Our guest always have a great time and all the places I cleaned and fussed with never get noticed!!

I love all your thrifted dishes. Now that would be something to brag about!!

Wonderful post!! :-)


This Thrifted Life

Beautiful tablescape! Sounds like you all had a wonderful, delicious meal despite all the setbacks.


(coming out of lurk mode...) Just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your blog posts and that I understand all too well what you mean about being too uptight/embarrassed to even let people in the house. Unfortunately, as I sit here in a dining room with it's floor covered over in bare plywood, I'm still there.

I love what you had to say about what's really important about having folks over, and I'm going to try to find the Reluctant Entertainer and give it a read.

Thanks for being so human (lol) and sharing on your blog.


Sounds like a wonderful evening, and I really like mismatched plates etc. Glad you had such a good time, now if only those ovens would work properly, they sound gorgeous.


The table looks great, and the food too! Are you sure the door of your oven closes completely? Sometimes that's the problem, especially with an older oven. Ours doesn't close properly, I use a piece of string to keep it shut, lol.



LOVE those plates!!!


Love, love, love your table--it is so beautiful. Perfect table setting for an autumn Californian Sunday dinner, nice mix of colors and textures.


The food and table look wonderful! So inviting!

But what I really stopped by for is to tell you that you are the winner of my current give-away!

Send me your address and I'll get it out right away!

Nancy S

I would have went crazy for those plates! My family had those plates when I was a child. The memories came flooding back as soon as a I saw those. I'm having my first sit down dinner Thanksgiving feast this Wednesday (don't ask!) and I'm a bit're an inspiration.

BTW- those sugar skulls on my site are plastic. I haven't been brave enough to make the real sugar ones.


Your setup here is beautiful, the all-thrifted display is better than the pages of a typical magazine. It has culture, texture, and color. Far more interesting than the latest Martha set of what-evers.

On your last note, one places that makes me feel "At home" is St. Augustine, Florida, which I visit every other weekend. It reminds me of my childhood in Naples, Italy, and it's probably the closest I'll get to Europe for a long while.


Beautiful - I wish I could have been at that dinner:)

Alison (a girl in her element)

The tablescape is wonderful and perfect for this time of year!

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