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November 17, 2009



Well so far it looks beautiful to me! Happy that you've found an art you enjoy. I have trouble pricing things. I compare with other's work and then finally just price a piece according to what I'm willing to let it go at.

knutty knitter

I don't price my art - you either like it or not and mostly I give it where it will be appreciated. I do price my crafts and a few pieces of not so important but commercial art.

I'd love to make a living at this but realistically most art is created without a monetary value. The only wealthy artists are either misunderstood or dead :) Mostly the latter!

On the other hand it is great to get out there and be seen so go for it.

viv in nz


I am so frugal it can be pathetically sad, lol. Hand crafted art I will spend money for because I know how much work and love I put into each of my pieces so I am willing to do the same. I feel like each piece I buy has that persons history inside it and that should be treasured.

No, it's not a bad thing to admit you want to paint, sing, dance, star in movies. Those are your dreams and who you are. I want to have an affair with Ralph Fiennes. Is that a bad thing to admit? :)

Because I have a crush on him so much I am planning to go to his next play when he does one in New York City.

Even though you can't have your big dreams you can strive for them and someday they might become big. Crossing fingers here, ROFL!

Pricing items I have no clue but I know your readers do and you will get lots of helpful advice.

Stop showing us tearsers! Shame on you, lol. I can't wait to see what you are making. Because the teaser is absolutely beautiful.

What will I pay for a handmade piece. It depends but I will splurge. If I was rich then money would be no object.

This Thrifted Life

What a lovely sneak peek!

I am not crafty in the least and have yet to find a passion or creative outlet that really stirs me. Maybe I just need to try my hand at some different things, rather than just assuming I'll stumble upon something eventually!


DeeAnn I'm totally with you about Ralph, but me first!

Pllllease show us your finished pieces! Wah! Want to see! (and I'm so happy that you found your love craft)


I have the same issues with far too many and widely varying interests. I paint, draw, sew, craft, make websites, cook, play video games, help manage a community garden & maintain its website and sell a bit of art on the side all while working 50 hours per week writing and even taking on freelance writing jobs.

Even with various experiences I'd have to agree that it's INCREDIBLY hard to price art. Even when I talk to artists, opinions vary. I'll just warn you not to price yourself too low, no matter what. You'll get impatient and desire to slash the price when no one buys, but with art, it's all about waiting for the right person to find the work. The right person WILL pay the full price. I've almost given away pieces of art because they didn't sell- right before someone bought it at full price. I've also sold large paintings that took me hours to make at far too little only to regret it to this day- my only consolation is that it's hanging in a cool preteen's room and her friends dropped by my booth to say they love it.

Trust your heart with pricing, don't undersell yourself. And as sappy as it is, I'm still a proponent of the saying, "You'll never posses anything of more value than the art that you sold." When I spend hours on something, it's really hard for me to part with it no matter how much I sell it for. That's why I like art trade better than selling art, and why I don't make art for a living...


I'm sorry that I don't have any expertise to offer, but I wanted to say that your piece looks beautiful! Hope to see more!

Linda Cloer

I feel your pain! I love to create but I haven't sold anything either. My guess and that's all it is... a guess! Would be cost of materials plus something for my time. That doesn't mean that I have to charge by the hour but something for my time that I am willing to accept. Looking forward to seeing the finshed projects! The sneak is lovely!


This looks lovely! I so know what you mean--I've looked around at Etsy and the prices are all over. Experimentng with prices high and low, so far I haven't had much luck with selling I'm looking to eventualy list items that are more unique than what I have up now. It is hard, because these things take quite a bit of time, and so you feel that what you charge should make it worth your time, but then again if you price too high...maybe nothing ever sells? I am interested in hearing what everyone says. I know that I shy away from high priced items when shopping myself, too.
Can't wait to see more of what you're up to!

btw, keep you eye out for ads looking for extras..maybe in newspapers..I'm sure you could get a part as an extra someday. I got to do it once in Chico...I didn't get to actually say anything, but I did appear for a moment or two on national television :)(it was a tv movie) It was an interesting experience...was there for about eight hours to be in a shot for a few seconds lol. Tedious process..filmmaking..but exciting to be involved even in a very tiny way!


I just wrote a comment that was way too long about this - I'd be happy to share what worked for me, back when my art/craft was my full-time job...Just let me know if you want my 2 cents (and then some) :-)

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