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November 18, 2009



Everything looks great. it's so nice that you put not-so-sticky stickers on the books. It makes me so sad to find a vintage book and then have some of the cover come off with the sticker. Good luck selling.

amanda o

i am dying to see this artwork!


It looks lovely and elegant! But from my personal thrifter-point-of-view, can I be frank? If I see a booth with items set up like that and with cards, I would immediately know it's a dealer and I tend to skip those booths because here they're overpriced (usually). I hope it's just me and you sell lots and lots! You deserve the success. :-)


Sonya Dime Store Thrift

I enjoy reading these how-to's so much! I do a booth at a flea market year round and have my way of doing things, but I love getting other ideas from you for packaging or display.
Keep 'em coming:)


Your presentation looks wonderful - thanks for all the good ideas. I hope your sale goes really well on Saturday - will be thinking of you.


Very lovely set up! Can't wait to hear what comes of it all for you!

Selena Cate

*Christine-I guess its what you are interested in too. I went to a flea market this summer and my favorite booth was set up like this. Many of the tradition dealer booths are full of dusty, old wares and antiques. They do tend to be overpriced. My favorite booth was full of vintage items (50s-70s) and craft items. She had things priced nicely and little signs stating how much buttons were in this large bowl and other bulk items. She was also very reasonably priced. I definitely agree that items need to be priced according to the market where they will be sold. I would say that our flea market here is 75% dealers. Most people have yard sales if they wish to sell household goods. warmly,Selena


Love this post!! You'd definitely be a great one to do my first craft faire've got it all down! Everything looks beautiful!


I like the way you plan to set up your booth. :) It's always not easy when it comes to pricing our art work. Presentation is also a very important factor when it comes to displaying our art work. I hope you have a wonderful time this Saturday and best of luck with sales! :) Those fabrics are gorgeous. :) Love! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


I wish that I lived close enough to attend this gathering. I love the way you package your items. I am one of those people that delight in order and simplicity and I would love to visit your booth! I hope that it is everything you want and more! Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day!


Great ideas! i like the way you did your DYI pricing. so easy yet so creative and what i love the most is the price itself so cheap which is a hit for frugal shopper like me=)


Beautiful set up! I personally have trouble finding something to display every piece in, especially for my odd shaped stuffed animals and the like.

Unless it's an art market or a special craft fair, rummage and antique sales here in the south don't bother with packaging of any kind- they just toss dirty, rusted antiques on a lawn and call it a day.

To that end, it's nice to see your attention to detail in these pictures. I would definitely buy a couple of things from your booth (cocktail cards!)


Thanks for all the tips on how you set up your stand. i am so hesitant about pricing especially when it involves vintage fabric. my sale is 12-4. i will post the results !


It makes me so sad to find a vintage book and then have some of the cover come off with the sticker

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I loved your setup today in Petaluma! Can't wait to creat with the paper collection I purchased!

Holly White-Wolfe

Great article, and so timely for me! I am just preparing for my own debut as a craft and "found treasures" vendor at the Waldorf Winter Faire. So... how did your sales turn out? Any futher thoughts you'd offer?

Please do come to Summerfield's Winter Faire as well!


Still enjoying this post years after the fact :)

Linda shields

Hi! I just clicked the link to this old post of yours. How lovely! But could you tell me, why do folks buy vintage blanket felted squares? What on earth do they do with them, please? They do look so beautiful.

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