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November 19, 2009



I'm drooling over the purses. They are exquisite! Do they have any tags or names on the inside to indicate brand? As far as dating them, I would try the Vintage Clothing & Accessories board on eBay. There's a really nice group of gals over there who know their stuff. You could put them in your Etsy shop. :)


Such great finds! I really love the belt, isn't it great how some vintage fashion is really coming back in style. Beautiful purses as well.

Angel Cutsforth

The bags you could box frame and use them as art. I've done it and they look great. It also protects them from losing any more beads.


Oh my gosh
i would surely use the purses and the baeutiful belt (love wearing vintage)
but framing them as art is a wonderful idea!

what a score! please post photos of the tins and art


The purses are just gorgeous! Just at a glance I think that first one could be from the 20's maybe even earlier? They remind me of the sort of art nouveau

This Thrifted Life

Beautiful finds! I like the idea of framing the bags, or using them as some kind of artwork to preserve them.


Lovely treasures! I am swooning over those bags, just gorgeous!

amanda o

wow! what a steal!


Such lovely little purses....I love unique openings and clasps as well. What an incredible deal!


These are Fabulous!!! I love it when this happens! Blessings!


Wonderful finds! I love old purses like these too but never know what to do with them either.


Wow, what fabulous pieces! And what a great price! I have one very similar to your ivory beaded one that belonged to my grandmother. Hers was from the 30s.


I am swooning over those bags, just gorgeous!

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I see many people already beat me to the framing idea for the purses. I envisioned a long shadowbox with them in a row, and a shelf built in on top to display similar lovely items.

And if you aren't too attached to the little compact with the house on it you can sell it to me. :)


Dear Selena, these are really gorgeous findings...i especially adore that lovely embroidered bag, French compacts {yes that one with the house!} and cigarette case! :)
If you should keep those that pull your heart strings and sell the rest at your lovely etsy shop! Hope your having a wonderful merry happy weekend and love to you!


so beautiful i cannot get OVER it. ridiculously good luck! i grew up in bremen, & that find totally took me back.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog

Those are such beautiful bags! I would use them in a heartbeat!!

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