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December 02, 2009



Warm, sunshiney weather, cold lemonade, and popcorn sounds great right about now. How great to have fruit trees right in your garden.


The cups are beautiful and the lemonade looks delicious, I need to hunt down some lemons this weekend. I would not do well in a climate where it snows!

About your popcorn, I've been meaning to ask your secret to the nutritional yeast, you said you used "melted earth balance- did you melt it, or buy it melted? I've tried to use it and my popcorn doesn't look as appetizing as yours does!


Easy to tell you're a transplant to Calif.--wonderful! We're transplants to GA from New England and we love the southern winter "gifts" too...lettuce and mild-weather garden treats, leaves until late November, 60 and 70 degree days now & then. Enjoy your lemons!


I am discouraged by leaf blowers. What happened to letting leaves fertilize the soil?

How wonderful to have fruit trees! I live in TN and my garden only offers onions and herbs at this point. :-) Enjoy your freshly made snacks!

Nancy S

Yeah lemons! The Oregonian just ran a great article on making food gifts to give as presents. One of the recipes was "Preserved Lemons". Yours look gorgeous and perfect for a project like that.

I live further north and I harvested radishes the other day. I don't think anyone will want preserved radishes! All that will grow at my place now are cool season crops like broccoli and chard.

Enjoy your bounty, it looks so lovely.

Tayla B

Looks refreshing! I really, really wish I had a lemon tree of my own... and especially a chance to pick some lemons in December! But, its just not in the cards here in Kansas :)


Your lemons look like Meyer lemons! Lucky folks..."A lemon a day keeps the doctor away"...Hahahaha!

Holly White-Wolfe

Isn't California amazing in this way? I always forget that most of December really is still considered the Fall season. After all, the winter solistice is on December 21. However, this Fall, the trees are in flaming color and one can't help but observe how lovely this December's foilage remains. I took many of these photos in October, but my neighborhood is still aglow with red and yellow...


Oh, please ... I want some!

Lemonade in December. What do you know?

Love it, GF. Hope you are enjoying your new surroundings!



Those lemons look delicious. The temp is about the same over here on the east coast. I would love to have a persimmon tree, something to look into.

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