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January 11, 2010



Oh, what a great birthday!

Your sweet girl will always remember this.

Awesome Selena!

This Thrifted Life

What a lovely, lovely birthday. That cake looks so yummy.

I had only a few birthday "parties" growing up--most birthdays were spent doing simple activities like these. I loved it. and one of the only gifts I ever remembered and still love? A beautiful ring my mom passed to me that her mother had given to her. It's not worth much in the dollar sense (and, of course, my mother spent zero money), but it's still one of the few possessions I have that I'd grab in a fire.


What a happy day for you all. My birthday is two days BEFORE Christmas, so that really stinks! At least you can find birthday presents when there are so many wonderful sales. Good job!!

Sue Kreft

Happy birthday to your daughter! And a milestone birthday. The day sounds lovely. And congratulations on raising a daughter who would delight in such a day!

My birthday was Saturday (I'm a tiny bit older than your daughter, LOL!) The only person who every complained about it was my ex-husband. My son who lives out of town called (and posted happy birthday on facebook). My older son, who lives in town, took me out to dinner (inexpensive, which is the best anyway!). It was a day off, so I sat around like a slug most of the day, watching DVDs while working on a quilt I'm making for a wounded soldier. I took the day off from taking down my Christmas tree (a work in progress). A great day!

Jessica Star

My birthday is in a few weeks and this is exactly the kind of day I wish for.


My Hannah has a January 6th birthday, so I know exactly what you are talking about! Ours was also a simple celebration. She loved it!


My youngest is born three days before christmas so i understand the madness. I always feel guilty as his celebrations seem to be consumed by the festive season. I must say that your cake looks lovely and even though it is 7am here i am drooling.


Happy, Happy Birthday to Beautiful Cerys. You made her B-day perfect Selena. Sending you both hugs.

Paula (Momma Pajama)

Happy Birthday, Cerys! My older son also has a January birthday, he turned 16 on Jan. 3rd. We used a Christmas gift card to take him out to the Mongolian Grill, which is his favorite (a fun experience, and a safe choice for gluten free too!). I made him a gluten-free angel food cake, which is his yearly choice (from scratch using the Bette Hagman recipe).

It sounds like you had a lovely day, honoring the wishes of the bday girl and spending time together. Perfect!

Nancy S

Happy Birthday Cerys!


Can you post your cake/frosting recipe?

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