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January 12, 2010



Once again i feel inspired. I am a terrible shopper in that i bring home so many luxuries! And i also tend to buy whatever i see and dont take into consideration what i have in the fridge which means i have to throw stuff away. I got some great ideas from you and am determined that this is one areas that i am going to improve on this year. Thanks!

This Thrifted Life

I started menu planning a couple of years ago and could never go back. It makes my life so much easier.


I like the idea of planning ahead and it keeps me out of the store. I LOSE time and money when I wander the aisles for inspiration. Cookbooks help and it's nice to see familiar ones over there. Glad you are back in posting action!

Rachel Wolf

Any chance you'd share your gorgeous pages? Mine from the Organized Home website are functional but so... vanilla. I love yours. (please?)


I am a menu planner also, can't imagine shopping or the dinner hour with out a plan! I see your LLL cookbk on the shelf-mine fell apart yesterday :( And where did you get those pages?

Selena Cate

The pages are from my Nest Planners which are in my Etsy Store. When you buy a planner you receive a Publisher Word file with the forms which means you can print them off indefinitely. I think there is one or two left in my shop.

Pampered Mom

Have you thought about just selling the files? I *love* your menu planning sheet.

Rachel Wolf

Just the files would rule! I have my own planner completed already and would just love a wee upgrade. Let me know if you ever offer them. xo

Paula (Momma Pajama)

What a nice post! I already do a few of your ideas. I recently started a little notebook in my purse so I could remember prices between the grocery store, the big membership store, and the health food/bulk store. Something else that helps me, although I'm not as organized in planning each meal as you are, is to post a list on the refrig of meal ideas with items I have on hand, then I pick one each day. That way, I remember to pull a chicken or roast out of the freezer the day before I need it.

Agent Mermaid

What an inspired read! Great comments too. Thank-you!

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