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January 07, 2010


knutty knitter

I have this beautiful camphor wood chest. Chinese, heavily carved and sent to my grandmother by her sister who lived in Hongkong and Singapore for 15 years before the 2nd world war.....

viv in nz

Judy @ daily yarns

I remember my aunt having one...Oh the memories.

The crazy suburban mom

Oh honestly that is fabulous! I love the design and it really reminds of a friends house where I spent lots of happy times. Her mom always had some record on. Perry como I think :) But the house was ...I don't soothing and I remember the stereo and the whole feeling. So what a good memory you just conjured up. I need to consider one I think



I totally knew the pie bake off record the second I read that. Wow...memories. I can ask my cousins (it was theirs) and see if they remember. Beautiful console.

Sarah M.

Ahhhhh...I miss my parent's oak stereo console. We spent many an evening listening to Jim Croce, Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour, ELO and the Bee Gees. :) Yours is beautiful!

Was it the Big Apple City Strawberry Shortcake album? My friend had that. I had a bunch of 45s.

This Thrifted Life

What a wonderful piece! And that Strawberry Shortcake record sounds adorable. :)

Everyone asks about our arc lamp and retro-looking sofa in the living room. They were both craigslist scores, so it lets me wax on about the benefits of buying secondhand.


My grandparents had one of those and I thought it was the greatest thing! What an awesome find!


You did GREAT! My parents had a stereo console, and I grew up hearing the best music on it: Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat Cole, Julie London, Dinah Washington, Nina Simone,Johnny Mathis, etc. etc. My mom could stack 5-6 albums on it at a time. It was a presence in the living room; in addition it had an AM/FM radio and record storage. My mother kept her huge 5-foot Quan Yin head lamp on it (which I now have) in front of the picture window; it opened on both top sides (record player on one, radio on the other) but the center did not; hence the capability to showcase the lamp. Hubby and I still have our records from the 60s/70s/80s and have been secondhanding vinyl for years. What we listen to it on? A reissue portable record player from Crosley, which we can move from room to room when the spirit hits us (like to the bedroom to listen to some sexy Chris Montez or Brasil 66, lol!!!). You are going to have so much fun with this!

Hubby and I are looking for a credenza: just like this piece but without record player and with adjustable shelving so we can store our records, which now take up several shelves in our bookcases, in it; the credenza will present a rest-able for mail 'n stuff in our foyer upon entering our home. Five years of searching here in Hooterville with no luck yet: but maybe 2010 will be THE year! Enjoy your lovely console in the best of health and happiness to you and your family for 2010 and beyond.


I remember my parents buying a beautiful stereo console and it came with an lp of tv theme music. my brothers and I played Batman, Robin & Batgirl for HOURS. my son loves thrifted vintage, I'd love to find one for him :)


okay. that is seriously fun! I just found an old fisher price record player and have been playing records every day (even though we've had a regular player for years and I've rarely touched the thing.) I have an awesome collection of old Disney Albums and one 45 with "Calendar Girl" that the kids love to listen to. What a great find for you!


This console reminds me of the one my parents had when I was in high school! And, I actually have the Strawberry Shortcake album. Strawberry Shortcake was a favorite of my oldest daughter's, so I have been holding onto it for her. Don't even know if she would really want it, but I have it!

Tayla B

Love the stereo console! Its always great when you can find exactly what you're looking for! :)

I have a red and chrome Russel Stover candy display that is my pride and joy. I attached a small mirror and used pencils that were cut in half in the peg board to hold my jewelry. I don't think its that old but it looked so wonderfully retro I couldn't help myself. ;)

Unfortunetly it is in storage at the moment but soon we will be reunited!

Jessica Star

I'm jealous! I love it! I want one. I have hundreds of records and a faux antique record player. But you've got the real thing. That's awesome.

Stan Williams -- The Elegant Thrifter

Oh, wow. I always wanted my parents to buy a stereo console, but they never did. And yes, I love the muffled sound of music that comes through those speakers. Don't know if Pink Martini does vinyl, but wouldn't is sound divine? Stan


Lovely console! We had an even bigger one still at home at my parents house and I have many fond memories of playing my records on it as a kid. I did have that Strawberry shortcake record! I can't remember the name but I'll ask my mom if she can dig it up :)

Shopping Golightly


Our commonalities always make me smile. We have a huge and heavy Grundig short wave radio that plays vinyl and reel to reel. Back in the days before the kids we had it in the home and would have dance parties. Now it's in the garage/workshop/poker den. We don't have room for it in the house.



Love it! We had one of those (those a little plainer looking) growing up and I loved it at Christmas time because we had all sorts of great records and it had tons of space on the top to put our decorations. We also had kid records like Thumbelina but my favorite was the Kid's Album of Classical Music.


Gorgeous console! I love my 70s-80s era record player I gained after my pal's garage sale free of charge (it was destined for the dump) I use it regularly and I've spent a bit on my favorite records whenever I find them. Visitors are usually fascinated by all of my "stuff" and ponder where I could possible "get it" all- not a lot of thrifters and junk-shoppers in my clique.


my husband and I purchased a console stereo, similar in looks to ours about 2 yrs. ago and we LOVE it! Check out ebay for the Shortcake record.

As for your turntable it may be as simple as taking it apart and oiling it well. My hubby has had to do that a time or two but once it has good lubrication it works like a charm.
Good luck!


Beautiful console!

People always comment on my 1960s Ercol set of nested pebble tables. Love them to bits and use them everyday. Excellent height for pussy cats to sit on and observe the progress of snacks disappearing from our plates and to beg for leftovers.


I actually have one in perfect condition. It is an electrofonic..I think? I'm almost postitive I have the original manual. I am looking to sell it. So if anyone is interested I will send pictures!

Selena Cate

Where are you located? Im happy to spread the word for you.

Bill Gould, Houston, TX

Most US-made consoles from the '60s had turntables made either by Voice of Music (in Benton Harbor, Mich.) or Collaro (a British company later bought by Magnavox). Look at the bottom of the changer for the manufacturer's name, model number, etc. If it was made by V-M, you can get everything you need to restore it from Gary Stork at Or he can sell you a brand-new, still in the box V-M changer that will drop right into your console. Good luck, and happy listening.

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