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February 15, 2010


Kristi @ Pink and Polka Dot

that is so husband know me too. i posted a pic about it. i really wished we'd gotten a chance to chat at blissdom. nxt yr. Totally go for the foodie blog...can't wait to read it. What about "give me food" as a blog title?


Hmmmmmm, Selly's Passion, Taste, Selena Cate's Taste?


I would love to read a food blog from you. I've enjoyed all of your food entries, especially on popcorn!

For busy professionals, the simpler a recipe is, the better. And you focus on the simple, yet delicious ones. Your food blog would be very useful.

I think the title should focus on your deep, innate, soulful passion for food. "Thrifty Recipes from the heart" or something in that vein. Sometimes the first title to pop into your head is the right one.

Account Deleted

Cannot wait to read your new food blog--have fun with it!


wheat tasting gf bread? is it sold locally or do you have a source you can share?


Spud Heaven ?? lol j/k, but I think a food blog from you would be wonderful!


I'd love it if you wrote another blog!

Your husband sounds just wonderful! What a sweet guy. I love Theo chocolate too...yum. ♥


FREE FOOD Gluten free, that is!

Cathe Holden

Selena's Cate Red Home

Get it?: Selena's CATERED Home!

Of course, there will have to be something red in every food photo, and a red header, etc.

I think a food blog by you is what the world's been waiting for. DO IT.


Been thinking of a title off and on today, how about "in the kitchen with apron thrift girl" or "apron thrift girl in the kitchen"?

: )


It seems like there would be a niche for gluten and other food restrictions foodies. I'm always so sorry when a vegan/gluten/dairy/sugar or what have you-free friend has obviously slaved over some delicious looking dish that just tastes bland or bitter or dry. But often I'm surprised to find something I'm loving happens to be vegan--my first thought is how can it be this good without butter? Maybe you could rotate dishes that fit various needs that are universally lovable/eatable.

Call it: Watermelon Sugar (because I think everyone can eat that)


I would love to read your food blog. Maybe a name with apron in it, to tie the two together? Aprontastegirl?

Mermaid Debbie

Well, I would have to really think about a name for your food blog. I know that I would read it. I have several food allergies and sensitivities. I am very allergic to egg whites, of all things! Also, onions. My sensitivities, which act like allergies are wheat, sugar and soy. So, mine is not a gluten issue, but I still must avoid wheat. One of my problems is finding wheat-free breads that taste good, but don't also have soy. I tweak recipes frequently to avoid all of those ingredients. I love to cook and to eat and I love, love Thai food. I am so happy for you that you were able to venture into Thai again. I would be so sad without it! I do have to always ask and make sure that no eggs were used and sometimes, I can overlook the bit of sugar and or soy. Anyway, good luck with the food blog. Oh, and reading the comments above... I like Aprontastegirl, by amybee.

You are a lucky girl to have such a loving, supportive husband!

Screaming Meme

Hi...Do you have Celiac Disease? I was recently diagnosed...I have had to completely change everything...But I feel amazing!!!

Hi, My name is Meme from Screaming Meme...I'd love to invite you to my blog...It is about decorating and my life...:) Hope to see you there!

I also have a new blog called This Family's Gone Crackers...It is about a "normal" family going insanely GLUTEN FREE! Hilarious! It gives ideas and suggestions on all things GF...

I hope to see you there...Meme

Selena Cate

Yes, I do have Celiac Disease. I was diagnosed 5 years ago. Its full of ups and downs but mostly good moments, especially when I cook and bake at home. Thanks for your links.

Screaming Meme

Apron Thrift...It is so cool to meet people that understand...It has been very hard...though I use comedy to get by...:) I will order all my tostadas like that...If you have any tips I would gladly appreciate them...Thank you...Meme


Would you please reveal the name of the GF bread you discovered?

Cara Zoch

I too am interested in the bread! I'm not a celiac, but I have recently had to go wheat-free due to some unknown food allergies and sensativities. I would love for you to branch out into the food category!

Procrastination Free Living

This post is amazing on so many levels. First, it's all so taste good. I feel like I'm looking at photos in a magazine! Second, your tips are awesome. I like this blog!!!

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