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February 14, 2010


Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

Hi Selena - I link up my weekly meal plan to Chive Talkin's Mindful Menus. We share real whole food menus and would love to have you join us.

Here's the link to last week's menus. She usually gets the mr. linky up around 8pm on Sundays.


Your menu sounds very good and I've put that cookbook on my hold list at the library. :)

Tayla B

Everyday Foods seems like a great cook book! I will have to keep my eye out for that one but my go to place for easy recipes is How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. It shows you how to make almost everything from scratch and I love that.

Paula (Momma Pajama)

I have "Feeding the Whole Family" but mine looks different. Is yours 1997? I love that book. The soups are great - the mushroom and the asparagus soups are some of our favorites. I'll have to check out the other recipe book.

C. Dianne Zweig

Wish you were here to plan a menu for us....... i wish I spent more time cooking and less time blogging... in the order of what I enjoy

antiquing, eating, blogging, cooking.....

cooking is last......

but I love reading about thanks for this great post.......send over some leftovers....Dianne


I like reading about meal planning. I have never done a meal plan per say as I am usually flying by the seat of my pants, or occasionally mentally plan what's for dinner over the weekends when my whole family can eat at the table together. I love to be organized, but meal planning always slips away from me when I have quick prep options. I have a huge pantry stock lacking nothing so I can usualy whip up anything at anytime...spare something that takes a certain unusual fresh ingredient, but I have all the staples. I would like to more efficiently use my pantry, freezer, and fresh items and make more variety. We aren't gluten allergic, but I am of the mind that anything a mom can do to moderate the less healthy aspects of the American diet the better, and I can appreciate reading about your unusual-to-me gluten free recipes. I also like knowing if you liked or disliked certain brands bcz it's a pain to spend the cash on an expensive organic or specialty item and find it takes like cardboard. Even though I am pretty tolerant about bland try-me items, my husband and small son are not so much. Out of all the blogs I follow, you are the only gal that has talked openly about her meal planning. I have consistently loved your blog for a couple of years now, although mostly being a reader rather than commenting. Look what inspired me to comment!? Funny. I really love seeing your thrifted finds and pictures of your home and projects.

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