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February 11, 2010


puananim leal

We called The Grocery Outlet in Eugene, The Used Food Store. Gross, I know, but funny. Great scores! I also find Yogi Tea at Big Lots all the time!


I heart Grocery Outlet. :)


We used to go to the Rainbow Grocery in Petaluma.


There is no store like this within 50 miles of me down here in North Florida, but I've been eyeing that same brand of smoked salmon and sample pack of tea for months at World Marketplace. You got a good deal on everything!


Love the Ben Seibel cup and saucer!

Nancy S

You've learned the ways of the Grocery Outlet...form no attachment; the pleasures of groceries are fleeting and ever changing. That's my word of warning to all new inductees. Savor the moment and buy like you'll never see it on the shelf again because, well, you probably won't.

I stayed away for years because I thought it would be off-brand soda and Little Debbie Snack cakes. I was surprised, to say the least, the first time I went in. Organic cheese so cheap I almost started crying right in the aisle. And the Haagen Daaz....try the Hawaiin honey and cream one if you ever see it. Angelic choirs start singing in my head every time I open the container. I'll have to try the brown sugar, I've avoided it in hopes of staving off the hundred pounds I could so easily gain eating truckloads of inexpensive ice cream.

Long live GO!


Grocery Outlet! I so love that you've "outted" me about loving them! We've actually got a third GO near Petaluma! So...I weave amongst all three. Rhonert Park does the BEST job keeping the store clean and organized...And I compliment the employees all the time!

You left out how great the "sundries" are...Many "high end" hair/face/personal care items that are amazing! It's the way I afford all organic for the bathroom!

I made a pilgrimage to their headquarters in Berkeley and swooned! Yes! I'm definitely a FAN!


Ohhh.. everything looks SO good! And brown sugar ice cream!?!? YUMMY! lol!! I don't think we have any grocery outlets here at all... you got some awesome finds!


First of all, thank you for writing! I really enjoy your posts. The closest thing I've been able to find to a Grocery Outlet near me is Big Lots ( It's a deceptive little store - looks like a standard discount chain but they have a grocery section as well, with an ever-changing variety of items.

Some are sketchy off brands but mixed in are some grocery bargains. Last time I picked up Kashi cereals for $2 a box, organic tortilla chips for 75 cents a bag, Muir Glen organic sauces for $1.50 a bottle, Yogi tea for $1 a box... You do have to follow the "no attachment" rule because what's there today will be gone tomorrow. I've been known to bring something home, make sure it's tasty and then go back to stock up the next day.


Just found your blog, and am enjoying catching up on the archives. I too heart grocery outlet, my mom also called it the canned food outlet, weird. Keep up your good work on promoting a frugal healthy lifestyle. I want to switch us to organics but money has been holding us back, you are an inspiration!
p.s. My big sister is Lisa of the Salvage Studio! Glad you like her work, I have been a fan for years!;)We are planning my May wedding,so far all decor is thrifted/repurposed goods.


Gosh...I wish we had a Grocery Outlet on Vancouver Island (or even one on the mainland)! I also subscribed to the Tightwad Gazette during the day...even though she was ahead of the internet/blog world we live in now...she was amazingly popular!


I don't have one of these stores specifically, but we do have a salvage shop that I hit regularly. It's always such a treasure hunt! My favorite find happened just before I hosted a girls' garden luncheon when I discovered Pellegrino in one aisle and some of those fancy fruit syrups in another. French sodas for everyone! I froze raspberries in ice cubes and the effect with the ribbons of syrup in the bubbly sodas was so beautiful.

Man, I need to get back there. It's been a few weeks - who knows what I've missed!


My MIL loves going to this type of store and she's found some great deals. My only warning is to read the expiration dates and not be too disappointed when your food/tea/spices taste a bit stale.


Thank you so much for this post...been feeling lately like trying to cut down on the money spent on groceries. I love your thrifty posts!


If the ginger ice cream is available--and you like ginger--I recommend loading your van up with it!

Eco chic Shopping

Great scores!!!! I also find Yogi Tea at Big Lots all the time!!!!


No GO near me, but I wanted to thank you for sharing and let you know that you inspired me to write this:

Enjoy all your finds! The only ones I can consume are the poppy seeds and green tea, but everything looks so, so good. (You take great food shots!)
best, Patricia


wow, here in Italy we only have what are called hard discount stores -no organic/fancy brands (but yogurts are good, made in Germany, don't know why but they make the best yogurts-

sounds all soo yummy!!


Love Grocery Outlet. In fact, I may get there today ....

Also, Amy D.'s book impacted me and Paul in a big way when we were first married. I learned so much from her! :)

Happy Friday!


Hi Selena,
Thanks for this post. Since I live in your area, and was just driving by the Grocery Outlet on 4th St. the other day and wondering about this!
I love thrifting also, so was happy to discover your blog!


they are great bargains... haagen dasz retails for about 5€ here (Ireland), that's 6.80$ (and it used to be 6€ (8.16$before the recession bit!)! There's no discount or outlet shops for food here (as far as I know), there's 'cash and carry', but you need to have a business to be able to shop there. But the supermarkets have special offers sometimes, and that's when I buy in advance. Although for food there's limits, most houses are small and there's not much space to store food!


OH heavens I love GO!! It is the best!! It is like a mini vacation each time I go!! Sadly there are any w/ in hours of my home!! So sad!!


I love GO! I think it used to be called the Canned Food Outlet? I always go there first. I love that I can find stuff I would have to buy in bulk through our health food co-op.

Funny, I never went there, and then we moved to another town and they had a Sav-a-Lot, where we would get the best deals on yogurt. When we moved back here a few years later I finally checked out GO and have never turned back.

I'm glad to see you bought that salmon, I've been afraid of it, but I'll get some now. They have BossaNova juice there now, and let me tell you, that is some delicious juice!

I just don't buy frozen fish there. I've seen too many defrosted items in the freezer too many times and I'll never trust it.

Selena Cate

Yes the salmon has always been a favorite of ours. I had some just yesterday and it was perfect. I had it on rice crackers and cream cheese. Ill search for the BossaNova juice when I go this week. Thanks for the recommendation.


oh my - even better than Trader Joe's! Of course, here in Maine, we don't have that either. But it's good to know there ARE organic alternatives to Whole Paycheck!

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