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February 08, 2010



Loved your video post - now that is very brave. I can get on to an airplane but to record myself - that to me is scary.

I am happy for you that you enjoyed your trip.



looks and sounds absolutely....BLISSFUL!! What a great getaway...and so right up your alley! Congrats on making the trip and having such an amazing time! Love the blk and wht of you and Cathe..adorable!


Wow, I missed out! I'm totally saving up and finding a way to next year's Blissdom. You can't beat interacting with like-minded bloggers, good food, and glances from hunky musicians (Nice picture!)

This Thrifted Life

Blissdom sounds like the perfect name for this conference, because everything sounds wonderful! And WOW that's some fun swag.

Glad you had such a great time, even with your fear of flying.


I truly enjoyed talking with you and watching you engage with others -) You are a doll and I'm so glad you had so much fun!!
I love seeing Blissdom through others' eyes ;-)


What a great experience! Thanks for sharing...

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

Nice recap! One of my favorite parts of the conference was meeting you!

Anne aka La Vie en Rose

Very inspirational, thank you doll. I need to look farther than my nose.

Mama Laundry

Hey Selena! I have no doubt I was meant to meet you - I saw you at every turn! I loved it!

I can totally relate to the hard part about introducing yourself. Over and over and over. It was so hard initially, but became easier (thankfully!).

I am definitely saving NOW for Blissdom '11 and I hope to see you even more there! :)



Wow that sounds like a great conference! And a really awesome re-cap, they can be so hard to write.
I'd love to go but the plane tickets from Alaska are so expensive so I found your link to their sponsorship post VERY helpful. Thanks!

Keep up the great work on your blog, you are very inspirational.

You are in the SF area? I'll be in town early October for BlogHer Food we should meet up and hit a goodwill!


Thanks for sharing, it looks like you had a blast in between and during all the great workshops and seminars. Jealous!

Account Deleted

You look terrific in the pictures! I too love swag & that looked like some good swag. Cannot wait to hear more.

Nancy S

You've made a great sales pitch -it sounds fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm so glad you had a safe trip and such a great experience.


YOU are amazing. I am so proud of you. First step ... signing up and believing that you could do it! I'm disappointed that we did not have more time together or even a pix :( I thought about that on the way home, although I never pulled my camera out once! Sounds like it was very fruitful for you, and I can't wait to see what all happens from here on out ... YAY! I also wanted to get to know Cathe more ... next year!

Hugs to one of my favorite people! xo


Looks like a fabulous time!! Thanks for sharing the pics! :) And Harry Connick Jr!! YUM!! You lucky girl! I'm green with envy here! lol!!!


So glad you had a good time (and were brave enough to fly!) If you ever come to Idaho, you can go for a ride in the two-seater plane my brother built, or my dad can take you aerobatic flying in an open cockpit bi-plane! :)'s not for me either! Sadly, by nine year old is in love with planes. Sigh.

On a serious note...can't wait to hear more about your trip and all you learned. Thanks for sharing with us!

Sonya Dime Store Thrift

Sounds like a WONDERFUL trip!!

Angel Funk

I am so sorry I missed this conference! Like I mentioned before, I live in Nashville and could have easily gone if not for my six month old baby! Were there many mamas with babies around? I had quite a few friends there, I told them to look out for you!


I imagine I see a wonderful change in your photos...just in the time of being in your newly "found community"! I see you filling up and coming alive, even more! I love seeing you! For me, an inspiring lesson in the benefits of real risk-taking and having the courage to stay on one's path!

BTW...the canvas bag and stainless water bottle...swag-a-licious!

amy zimmer

Phew. So proud of you. Sorry I got behind, I don't know why your posts don't load here. xoA

Jessica Star

Wow. Sounds amazing. I'm definitely jealous of your Harry Connick Jr. connection. Makes me want to go next year! So glad you had a great time.


Congratulations on facingyour fear of flying - it would be a serious shame to miss out on Blissdom because of that. Enjoyed reading your perspective - great photos of Harry.

hollywood housewife

What a fabulous recap post! You took many of the words right out of my mouth.

I got to meet you briefly, so I'm stopping by to say hi. It's much easier to do on blogs than it was for me in person. I'm still shy about introducing myself to people, but Blissdom did help a little.

Selena Cate

It's funny but because of your blog name I felt a little shy about meeting you. Isn't that silly? It was lovely to meet even in that brief time when we met other west coast bloggers.

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