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March 19, 2010



I would like to clean mine up and also offer advertising. But I'm on Wordpress so I think I should switch but not sure where to go. Or how to get it clean, fun, reflective of my style, etc.

I would love to hear your thoughts and advice and direct sources on where to go to make the changes...



sign me up, Selena. I've been dying for your help.


My blog suffers from my basic ignorance of the possibilities... sign me up I would soak up anything you had to say!


I'd love to build up readership and possibly offer advertising if I could ever get to that point :) I may play around with banner ideas on my own, as that's something I enjoy...but I'd like help to figure out what makes a blog sticky and draws readers in! I'm feeling that if I can't get it to pick up I may lose my motivation to keep it up, so I do need help! :)


oh! I think my heart just skipped a beat. =)
I'm not interested advertising, just increasing readership and making connections. I think I need to write more for that to happen. A Renovation may be just what's needed to boost my motivation. Thank you for the giveaway!



Would love the opportunity to have critic my blog! I just started my blog and I know it needs tons of help. Not sure what I'm doing but reading anything I can get my hands for help. I would love to know how to build my viewership and get people interested and just plain how to set it up easy and enjoyable viewing.

Thanks! Lauren


heavens, yes. help, please.

Amy Zimmer

Great idea Selena! xo Amy


I would love a blog renovation. Right now with two boys (3 & 1), I have so much to do that sitting down and writing out a to-do list to get my blog gussied up and cohesive is overwhelming. A helping hand would be welcomed.

Jenna Z

Wow, what a fantastic prize! I'd love some frank, honest comments on my blog!

Jenna Z

Oh, and my one change would be any suggestions on how to integrate the two very different worlds that I seem to focus on: crafting and running/weight loss.


oh this is just the boost i need right now. i'm afraid my blog has been terribly neglected and i've been pondering what to do with it. i would love some pointers and help with direction.


My blog is not officially off the ground yet, but I would LOVE some help. Ive been so unsure of where to start and what to do to get from a blogger template to the awesome look of a blog like yours.


Hi there, please put me in the hat too! i'd love advice for increasing traffic to the site, and really anything else that would be useful... Great giveaway!, and love reading your posts xx


I'd love to know a better way to place my photos!




What a wonderful and kind gift to offer!
I am looking to bring my blog in line withmy business and creat a kind of continuity.


A better color scheme that works and more prettiness. My blog just doesn't feel pretty right now.

This would be very fun!


Splendid giveaway! I would truly welcome any advice - thank-you!


I can always use suggestions for my blog as well as possible additions to it to make it more productive for business.


I would love your input! I am new to blogging and just opened an Etsy store. I really need a new header. I have no traffic except my sister!

Cass Ward

I definitely need some rejuvination (oh and so does my blog)!


Oh dear me, yes. My blog could do with a SERIOUS make-over - and you'd be just the person to do it.


I like my blog, but gosh it could use a revamping! Several things I just am unaware of how to modify.


I'd love a pick-me-up. I've been blogging for about a year and I'd love a new look and some ideas on how to increase my readership.


Fun idea! Well, I'd like my blog to look like yours! Simple and clean, with a few more blogger graphics and hey, how come I can never figure out how to get the Twitter logo on my blog?? As you can see I need help!

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