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March 02, 2010



I love this idea! Yours turned out so very gorgeous!


I love these. You did a great job!


Wonderful! I know what I am doing tonight!


I LOVE this idea! They are look amazing! Thank you for two really great Christmas present ideas. : )

lisa martin

I've seen so many cute ideas around for different holidays using these. how'd you do the insides?

This Thrifted Life

Beautiful! I am already thinking these would be such a pretty Mother's Day or birthday gift paired with some candles. Thank you so much for the inspiration and tutorial.

Selena Cate

Hi Lisa,
These boxes came with matches in them so I left the insides untouched. Although these are intended gifts, if they were mine I might decorate the inside when the matches had been used up. I would then refill the box. Id probably just cut a small rectangle of decorated paper and stick it on the bottom. Thanks for your great question.

Nancy S

I'm signing on to your Christmas list! Those are beautiful. And thanks for the tip on the tape runner. I'm always seeking non-glue methods of fastening larger areas of paper.


These are beautiful. I have cut pieces from used Christmas cards for the front and back and added "clear" glitter to make it sparkle but I love your addition of jewelry finds and rick-rack.


Wow Selena!! These are just amazing and delightful! I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing :)


How cool is that!!!


lovely idea!
how about a collage/decoupage of butterflies, birds or any other nice image? maybe old cinema tickets, foreign newspapers, cool food packaging..

Amy Zimmer

exactly what I've been searching for! I have ideas for you! xo A

nancy philpott

WE have been doing this for years for the church bazaar --

i like to use the lighter weight papers that are lightly coated - we started out years ago using wall paper from the wall paper sample books we got free for the Sunday school classes projects. And the wall paper is just too heavy for the small match boxes.

we also do a Cereal Box that we cover and put paper plates and plastic silverware in - for the kids the last month of school - it becomes their Pic- Nic box - some are really clever-- covered with the wall paper and then embellished with cut outs from magazines ( we encourage them to use Healthy food cut outs but some use beach and animals )
but the
little match boxes have always been a good seller at the Christmas Bazaar! WE line them with felt if they are empty for "earring holders".

Vicki K

Beautiful Selena! I've only ever covered mine with oilcloth - but yours are little works of art.

Cathe Holden

Ohmigsh Selena! Those decorated matchboxes are GORGEOUS! What wonderful gifts they would make. Awesome photos and thanks for all the links!

Rachel Wolf

I just posted a very different matchbox tutorial over here:
Yours are lovely.

Selena Cate

Rachel, your matchbox beds are so lovely. I think my two would have really enjoyed making these as well. What a great idea.

Vicki K

PS. Selena, If you use the oilcloth with a light-colored background, first Podge some "blocking" paper on the box first or you will see your matchbox colors through the oilcloth.

B Lay

So cute! What a neat idea. Thank you for sharing.

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