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March 26, 2010



What a fantastic idea! I love handwritten mail and fortunately have a few friends who do too. I had a penpal when I was a kid - I was about 6. We've been friends since and she's more like a sister to me. Thank you for this reminder to send her 'real' mail. I'm in!

Catherine @ Frugal Homemaker Plus

I love it, and I'm in! E-mail me at if you need info!



I'm still writing to my penpal in Australia. We started writing when we were 13 and are now 58. I flew down to spend 2 weeks with her 4 years ago, and am waiting her visit (though not sure it will ever happen!). We met because in 1962, a family from my church moved to New Guinea for the father to become the business manager of the New Guinea Lutheran mission. Past 8th grade, the children at to attend boarding school in Australia. The middle girl went home on a school holiday with the older sister of my penpal, who asked her if she knew of anyone she could write to. So my name and address were given out, and fortunately we have kept in touch all these years. Unfortunately, as we have gotten email, the letters have pretty much stopped - we still exchange birthday and Christmas cards. My handwriting has gotten bad enough that I usually type letters on a computer. So not much in the handwritten notes... My Mom started the tradition of sending all the grandchildren postcards any time she went on the trip, which my boys saved in an album. I did that, too, to my boys and to nieces and nephew and small cousins. Kids really treasure getting something in the mail, even today. I don't want to sign up for a new penpal, but think I will try to write an actual letter to my 45-year penpal!


I'm constantly taking notes, writing to-do lists, and writing letters to friends. These ideas aren't always followed up on, the letters are not always delivered, but it's part of what I do. It's a natural routine.

I've lost any letters I've had from early childhood, but I've kept each one I've had since High School. I like e-mail, but letters are tangible, personal, and artistic, you can't beat 'em.

And on your childhood Pen-Pal, one of my very best friends is a girl I've never met in person. She contacted me through one of my websites and we started sending e-mail back and forth. I chat with her more regularly (phone, emails, and IMs) than I do with some of my best friends that live locally. I love how we can be separated by oceans, continents, and cultures yet still make heartfelt with so many through letters.

Of course I'd love to be a part of this letter-swap! My e-mail is:

Nancy S

Count me in! I just received the book "Good Mail Day" about sending out mail art. Mail art includes recycling junk mail and all sorts of interesting re-use - it doesn't have to be lofty, just creative.

I'm looking forward to this. Thanks!


Oh, I used to write letters all the time and I miss it. Count me in!!!

Cathe Holden

This is the BEST post ever!! Please count me in!! Now, off to twitter and FB about it!


You are amazing, what a great idea, and you picked my favorite outfit to write your letter on!!! Happy Writing

Maddie Russell

I really enjoyed reading this post and I would like to be included in your mailing swap. My email is Thanks


This is great, I just received a note from a customer and was so touched. In this digital age a hand written note is the best.

Janice Turner

Hello - Bella Della's mom here. What an awesome idea. I would love to take part. I don't have my own blog yet, but I am sure I can talk daughter into sharing it on hers :>). I just received a letter from a dear friend last week and I got so excited. A lot of older people love to send real mail. When I was going through my cancer treatment I received a lot of mail from the older generation, that live up in the country where my Mom's family comes from. One in particular, her name is Edith would send such neat things...card or letter with a joke from the funny paper, a quote clipped from a magazine, Church bulletin, happy pictures clipped from magazines, etc. It was like Christmas day or Birthday to get one of her love/friendship letters, as I called them.


This is awesome! I'm in! :) My email is aliciamarie112 at hotmail dot com


I would love to be a part of this! What a wonderful idea. =) I'm


I love this idea! I also did a lot of letter writing when I was younger. As a matter of fact, I met my late husband through letter writing. We corresponded for several years when I was a teenager and then I got married and we lost touch. The marriage didn't last and my sister suggested I write to my former penpal again. I sent my letter to the address I still remembered but he had moved. As luck - or fate - would have it he received my letter one day before his forwarding order was going to expire. We were married for 30 years, until he passed away in 2008.

Please count me in!


This is such a wonderful idea! Please count me in!


I'm in.


A fantastic idea, count me in!


Just found your blog through Just Something I Made. Would love a penpal!


I'd love to participate. Please count me in.


I am IN!!


Great idea I love to penpal so I want to join in.

Caroline James

Hi I would love to be included in this. I remember when I was 11 years old I used to write to a girl in Germany who I then ended up have a foreign exchange with while at secondary school. It feels more personal when you get a hand written letter as you know the other person is thinking about you.


Oh what a lovely idea. I too had lots of penpals as a child but no more. Count me in.

lisa h.

I'll do it!

This sounds like a good one :)

marla {family fresh cooking}

Selena, this is such a sweet idea. You are so creative and thoughtful! Love the idea of re-using the papers & envelopes! I am not gonna add myself to this project for fear I will never send my letter.....but I support this great plan :) xo

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