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March 23, 2010



I have been drilling a hole and hanging all my bits and bobbles from long vintage chains with jump rings, they are so fun and unique.. You just took it to a new level I can't wait to try it, thanks

renaissance costume

You are very creative.. :) Good way to reuse other jewelries and put life back on them. :)


These look so pretty! This makes me want to go out thrifting for interesting jewelry. That necklace with so much going on is way cool, and so are those rings. I really like what you did!


wow, they look lovely!
I esp. like the snake ring..

I'll start to look for broken jewelry at thrift shops.


Thanks for this useful post! I have just the ring that needs a repair...I'm going to look for a bead to glue in. Genius!


This is such a great idea and something I had never really thought of doing. Thanks for the tip.


I had to chuckle about the gluing your fingers together part. This is my big concern when using glue, too.

knutty knitter

I mostly add old jewelery to artwork. I have been known to mend stuff but mostly to give to my sis as she wears it and I mostly don't.

viv in nz


Mostly I add it too a box and think hmmmm someday I'll get to it. Well seeing you do it put a fire under my rear. I need to do it soon. Thanks Selena, you are so inspiring to me. :)

lisa @thebeadgirl

very cool (even as a jeweler i think that is a fun idea!)


You are brilliant. I have done the find a bead thing with a brooch that was missing a stone - come to think of it I nabbed the other stone from another vintage brooch that was missing way to many stones to wear!! - but the glitter ring is pure genius-magic.


Hi Selena,

Well, I am not a huge jewelry person. But I love your ideas.

I have found a few nice pieces from yard sales though.

Happy Wed.!


I adore the eclectic lucky brand piece, especially the little "owl mask" charm. I fix things the same way- using whatever other bits are around to make minor repairs. Imperfections add to the charm.

shox pas cher

Vous Thak pour les partager avec nous, je pense que c'est la peine de lire C'est tellement agréable de vous faire partager si gentil article.i vais recommander à mes amis....

new era pas cher

Sehr froh, diese Website zu finden. Ich wollte Ihnen für dieses große Lese-danke! Vielen Dank für die Zeit nehmen, zu teilen.

mbt prix

Ich mochte Ihr Blog. Es ist leicht zu lesen, ist der Inhalt gut, und du bist ein Kultautor Gegensatz zu den meisten Blogs, die ich bei der Suche zu diesem Thema bin. Ich werde noch einmal überprüfen und in der Zukunft sehen, wenn Sie mehrere Elemente haben. Vielen Dank für dieses Posting, ich schätze die Informationen und die Mühe, die Sie in die Stelle zu setzen.

Suzy Frame

This jewelry is so pretty! I have been looking into jewelry repair north wales pa to get mine like this fixed! Can you tell me more information that could help me with that? Thanks for sharing all your pictures and beautiful jewelry!

Jake Ostler

Wow! This jewelry looks like it has been repaired to perfection. Do you know of a company or have affiliates that do jewelry repair in Montgomeryville? (

Jewelry Repair in Vernon Hills, IL

I realize it's just a little bit late for Mother's Day, but I know my wife would still love some jewelry like this. We were thinking of getting what she had repaired, but maybe just getting some new would make her happy.

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