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April 13, 2010



Oh nifty! I'll definitely keep this in mind next time I pass up a watermarked end table. In fact I wonder if that adorable but beat up one is still at the thrift store hmmmm....


I recently bought a beautiful oval cherry coffee table at a yard sale, for only $5 - they did not think they could get more for it because there was some type of 6 inch mark on the top center, made either from something hot or wet being placed/spilled on the table. I gladly paid $5, took it home, and covered the center with a table runner I had made. I had not tried to remove the spot, but perhaps I will now. The matching end table cost me another $20, but it was the best deal of the day!


Your timing is perfect! I have nasty white stains on my end table from sloshed tea this winter - and a houseful of company coming for the weekend! Thanks!

Selena Cate

Hi Melinda, if you get a chance, please let us know how it worked for you.


Great to know, thank you! Wow, the wood looks absolutely beautiful!


Oh, fantastic! I will so be trying this.

amy zimmer



WOW! This is great that I ran across you..I have an antique table that on Thanksgiving I sat a hot platter on and it made a HUGE white spot.I'm gonna try this..
and by the way your blog is very awesome, right up my alley with the antique findings, thrifting, researching,and sharing it with all.
I'm brand new to this and have started a blog this week ,Michelle


What a brilliant tip - thanks for that. I'm tempted to suggest Linseed oil instead of olive oil - it's what they oil cricket bats with. I love how your thrifted Dansk pieces came up - they look like new again.


amazing difference,

for surfaces not meant for food, Howard's Restore a Finish works beautifully


great tip, Thanks!


Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a small water stain on the top of my piano that I've been hiding with a vase. I'm going to try this . Your wood pieces came out so beautifully!


Great tip! I use mineral oil on our cutting doesn't go rancid and it's easy to find at any drug store.

Saver Queen

This is an excellent tip and I'd love to try it. My question is, what happens once the oil is absorbed and that nice sheen fades away; do the marks still stay hidden?

amy Zimmer

You still take the best pictures. How do you remember to stop what you are doing and take pictures? Even the birthday coupons post has fab photos.

ps went fabric shopping today--watch out! A

Cathe Holden

That's the million dollar post! Wow, what a cool before and after. Who knew?


Beautiful results! I can't wait to try this trick on some stuff around the house.


My grandmother always said that mayonaise is a great waterstain remover and I swear by her solution. Every Christmas someone leaves a water glass on a wooden table and every year it disappears magically with a poultice and followup rub of mayo. Another use for Best Foods?

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I am always so impressed with the classic design and details in your cards! I have to laugh when you say they are "simple!" Thanks for your attention to detail and sharing it with us! Happy summer!

Wood pallet

You have made a fantastic work. The pictures are simply superb. Wonderful result i can't wait to try it out. I need to hold on this blog. Thanks for the great work.


Just tried this on my childhood dresser, which was in great condition until I had kids of my own who spilled water on it and didn't tell mom!
I have tried mayo, 'stain away' cleaners, and finally resorted to the 'cover it with a nice runner' tactic.
Your method worked !
Thank you !!!

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