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May 21, 2010



Good ideas~ I shall compose a list and perhaps chart the course for the thrift adventure me and four friends have planned. Having ample snacks is a great idea!

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

I wish I was that organized!! :) The book scanner & book selling stuff is great! I used to sell used books on Amazon, and it was always just a gut instinct thing to find the right books to sell!


I am impressed! I don't go to yard sales or estate sales when I thrift, but if/when I do, I'm going to print out your list.

I guess the closest I've come to that depth of preparation is library book sales and sheep and wool festivals. And then the only thing I take that's not on your list is runners - human beings younger and stronger than myself who will carry bags and boxes back to the van so that I can continue to hunt for the bargains.

At book sales the runners were my older children, and at the sheep and wool festivals I took my older teens. One year I hired 3 teenage girls to run for a group of myself and 5 other knitters/spinners. They stood in line to get food and drinks for us, took armloads of purchases back to the 15-passenger van for us throughout the day, and generally made it so we could shop "hands-free." It was great.

Grunge Queen

Whoa, you're hardcore! I'm not that organized but I guess if I did it professionally I'd have to be. I'm lucky if I can remember my water bottle, a few granola bars and my cell/camera! If I'm really grooving I'll remember to bring some disposable bags ....


I've got a rolling bag on wheels I use for neighborhood sales. Thrifting on foot has been so much easier since you recommended one.

I keep extra reusable grocery bags in my trunk to sort personal items and resale items. I like your idea of boxes. I need to clean my trunk out. LOL!

I need to do a better job of bringing snacks along. I tend to stop at a grocery store along the way or if I'm making a day out of it with one of the kids, we have lunch out. I make sure we eat a good-sized breakfast before we leave.

I try to get cash the night before so I'm not scrambling at the last minute if I accidentally sleep in. I also plan my sales route the night before on Google Maps and then check early in the morning to catch any sales that were posted during the night.

I also keep a list of my kids' measurements in my purse and bring a tape measure with me to measure clothing if I'm unsure if something will fit.


wow, you're a total pro! :-)


I love this post!! I'll share it on my twitter :)
Thanks for sharing darling!



Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

You are the most organized thrifter in the world I think! You have it down to a wonder it's such a successful venture for you!


I miss the flea market. So many fond memories of wandering around there with my Dad.


Wow, you're hardcore. I am in awe.

It's pretty clear to me at this point that, much as I love thrifting, I'm a hobby thrifter, not a pro. I don't do much of anything to prepare.

Laura Lowe

Yep, I was out doing yard sales today and wished I'd had those boxes to keep things from rolling around in the back of my SUV. Good ideas!


You are crazy organized! I hop in the car last minute, hope I've got a few bucks cash in my wallet, and toss whatever I find in the trunk and hope it doesn't break. If I get hungry there's always some kid selling cookies or lemonade!


I bring my backpack with a couple of shoulder bags, can carry more if some of it is on my back, not pulling my arms off


Love the food idea. I only go out for an hour at the most, so maybe a protein bar.

Can't wait to see what your finds are!


This just makes me realize what an amateur I am! :) I usually just have my list of sales and my GPS.

Selena Cate

Well I should add that a GPS is the best thing ever for a thrifter. I may write a post just on that subject. I dont know what I would do without it. Great point Suzy.
xoxo Selena


Your funny , you mean business!!!

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