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May 06, 2010


amy zimmer

I taught Sarah and Allegra how to knot as soon as they were interested--each in about third grade. I was taught bymy sister when I was seven. I never forgot. That is what is so cool...xoxoxo A

PS Great job Keiran!


I can't actually remember learning to knit so I guess I was probably about seven years old or so when I learnt. I was probably taught by my Grandfather who had himself been taught to knit as occupational therapy after having had a serious heart attack in his early fifties. He used to knit the most fabulous, and complicated, Aran jumpers and cardigans - I wish I'd inherited a bit more of his knitting skill.

I've never heard about the connection between knitting and reading before but think I may try and teach my seven-year-old nephew to knit in the hopes it may help him master reading.

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

I love these sweet chickens!! I still think my four and a half year old is a little young for knitting - she gets frustrated with tasks that require too much small motor movement. I'll teach her as soon as she is interested. I could probably try the knitting spool soon.


I taught my six year old Union to knit this year. He picked it nicely but by no means is he accomplished, yet. Our Waldorf inspired Charter is opening this fall and we plan to have a dedicated handwork instructor full time. I am so pleased with this b/c my skills are limited at this point.

Is it worth it? Yes, this school has occupied my time for a year and a half, I know it is the best for my son.


Keiran's knitted chickens are beautiful! My mom tried to teach me to croquet at a young age but it was too tricky for me and I lost interest. I only to knit a few months ago (wrote about it comical fashion here: and my mom still doesn't knit. Be sure to tell Keiran he's got us adults beat!


I cannot wait to teach Ruby how to knit - I am so disappointed in myself for letting this craft go for a few years over my teenage years and early twenties - I think it is such a grounding and worthwhile pursuit. I'm assuming crochet is the same? I love crocheting!

Beautiful chickens - you are right to be very proud - what a clever son you have!

natalie t.

Hi! My 8 year old learned to knit last year with his Grandma, and his 5 yr old brother is learning now as well. I think I will start finger knitting even earlier with my little girl, maybe around 4. It is such a soothing and creative skill. Both boys think it's cool right now and I hope they always do... I am very interested in the ties handwork can have to other skills, interesting stuff. I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing!


This information is very exciting. Finally...some useful studies going on. I love the chickens by the way. Keep encouraging him.

I leaned to knit when I was about nine. Just the basics. And now I have forgotten. I would love to learn to crochet. I do better by having someone teach me than following a book.


Tayla B

I don't have any children but that is really interesting I'm not so good at math or music either... but my brother is amazing at both. Makes sense now that I think about it. :)

knutty knitter

My lot are doing socks this year (10 - 11 year olds) and most have now achieved the heel. I hate to say it but the worst knitter in my class is my own son :) oh well... Maybe I can blame the dyslexia but somehow I think mere inattention is more likely.

Like me, he is also a good musician but, also like me, he is useless at math - go figure!

I've knitted, crocheted, embroidered etc as long as I can remember. I think I was around 3 when grandma first let me sew something but I didn't achieve anything serious until around 5.

Love those little hens. Much better than the boring old scarves our school start with. (I don't teach that class). I'd really like to give the handwork round here a bit of a make over but our head is rather over traditional so we tend to go by the book. A mistake I think as children now are somewhat different than what they were in background upbringing. I like to see things develop into other things as different teachers add their own inputs too.

viv in nz


Great work by your boy! So darling.

I'm interested in reading more about Waldorf education, though I don't have any kids!

I did get into cross-stitching briefly as a kid. It really appealed to my perfectionist tendencies at the time :-).

By the way, my sister and I just opened an etsy shop for vintage clothes! Thanks for the inspiration to thrift!

Nancy S

Those chickens are so adorable. The whole piece is really nicely done - artistic and folksy. Tell him it's beautiful.

I've heard that math and music go hand in hand. I've also heard that musical genius is the only genius that is genetic- it runs in families. Very interesting stuff.


Oh my gosh the chickens are just precious. Keiran is a cutie pie.

I taught my DS to knit a few years back. He didn't really get into it but he has the skills. He's good at math.

I am a musical prodigy, literally. Most in my Father's side of the family are. Music is very important in our home. My Mom on the other hand is tone deaf. Guess what happened to my DS? Yes, not one iota of music talent what-so-ever. Depressing! LOL!

On the other hand I can't knit but I can loom knit. I am dyslexic and left handed. I keep trying. I am terrible at Math.

My DH has mad crochet and knitting skills. He's a math genius.


I'm super impressed with any school that includes knitting & playing the recorder in their curriculum, especially these days when schools are cutting most anything to do with the arts.

I love that your boy made chickens (and pretty terrific chickens too!).

I learned to crochet, tat, embroider, & sew from my grandma when I was in grade school (don't remember my exact age - it was a looong time ago). I taught myself to knit when I was in high school. When I was really little, my mom taught me to knit with one of those spool things. I made lots of rugs for my dolls!

I tried to teach my girls to knit & crochet, but they just didn't get it. One of them can take fabric and whip up a dress (and a nice one too) without a pattern though. And the other one is a superb pastry baker, so something rubbed off on them. ;-)

I recently bought one of those spool knitter things for my grandson. Course, he's going to have to master walking & talking first. Haha. When he does, I'm ready to get him started with his knitting skills!


My boys don't knit but I did teach them both how to embroider at fairly young ages...and even now at 14 & 12 they will still occasionally pick up needle and thread...I think it is pretty cool too.


My husband is a high school math teacher. In a cross curriculum project he taught his students to compose music using mathmatics. It is all about the math! If you know the math you can use computer programs to put music to any tune.


And my son is 25 and still crafty. He can cook, sew, clean, and craft just about anything you can think of. I always said that someday his wife would be thanking me daily for all his domestic skills. Well, it's not daily but she sure is tickled. I think his handy skills make him a happier guy(and he is a terrific reader/writer). He is headed toward a doctorate and the head of a company dealing with improving the lives of the mentally handicapped. Proud- you bet! We could say he owes it all to craftiness!


Good for your boy!!! I love it when I see a guy knitting.


Great chickens! I learned to knit with my whole 3rd grade class (public school but an Open Structured Program). I have to say I was more advanced for my age in 3-4th grade math than I had been before or have been since. I thought it great that all the girls and boys learned to knit together although I don't know of any boys in my class who kept it up. I will definitely teach my kids to knit when I have kids to teach.


I'm teaching my 10 year old to crochet. Does that count?


I didn't learn to knit until I was 42 -seven years ago. I did teach all of my daughters to knit, but none of them have stuck with it.

When they were 13 and 11 I taught my two oldest sons to sew, both by hand and with a sewing machine. At 32 and 30 they still pride themselves on their sewing skills.


I learnt to knit in my 20s alone with a book ,as I did everything I do that is crafty which I realy enjoy.But I prefer my young ones to learn maths, French, English, history ,geo and sceince at primary school as they do here in France.

Anne Marie @ Married to the Empire

I've always heard about the math and music thing. Makes sense to me, as music has a structure with a definite mathematical bent. My sister is an accountant and a very accomplished musician. She plays 5 different instruments extremely well. I, the English teacher, love to sing, but I get frustrated at times with musical structure. Precision has a tendency to frustrate me. It's why I never really took to piano. I could play decently enough, but I wanted to do what I wanted to do, not what the music (and my teacher) told me to do.

Your son's chickens are adorable. They remind me very much of some crocheted catnip mice I bought years ago from Martha by Mail. My cats LOVED them, even the one who never played with toy mice before (or after) that. If your son enjoyed making those, he might want to consider making more, stuffing them with catnip, and selling them as cat toys. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

renee ~ heirloom seasons

We homeschool and I taught my oldest daughter to knit when she was 7, in first grade. Now at almost 10 she just knits and knits away!

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I was making it up. As I do makes some things up I could type of see his point. Fortunately I had my reliable iPhone during this discussion and easily found content after content saying that numbers & songs can go side in side.

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